A view from a window


Eyes can see outside the window tonight
Listening to the droplets from heaven
Outpouring from red sky above rainy night
Making things from a computer in a haven

Viewing the bounties of Creation
Neither my hand but His Hand from above
Leading me into the contemplation
Seeing that there is always possibility of peace

Reigning forth in the familiar spirit of hope
Fervent prayers of my own humanity
Sharing much immensity of love dove
Resigning my spirit for our own undertaking

Resonating the spirit connect of gentle souls
Sharing the universe that gives unending love connects

© Roy Mark Azanza Corrales 06082017 8:05 PM PST

A Friendship lost



Lack in friendship whom I deemed so much respect

Knowing every element of entirety aspect

Consuming immensely my soul and spirit

Entertaining immensely to given aspiration



Nothing much is given

Entering in a given silence

To thresh out the inner sanctum

As silence communicate sanity


Providentially caring and solidifying boundaries

Gaining ground but space back out in lustier

Inflaming capacities reaching new horizons

Making it to myself to its mastery


Engaging to life without him always moving forward

Reaching much in the emulation within the inward




© Roy Mark Azanza Corrales 06082017 7:05   PM PST

A call of the hour

The call of a lover in shy hour

In its delight inhibited tale

Calling from its lustful tour

Giving a self to sale


Enriching the tenements of a being

Elaborating in every steps

Much higher echoing of a Being

Moving in the communion of steps


Reminding realities over the torrents of sign

Rendering in the heart of a seer

In its luscious steps given sigh

Primarily  exhibited by doer


Delighting heart of a true lover

Meaningful sight of true believer


© Roy Mark Azanza Corrales 06082017 6:05   PM PST


O humanity a reality



Living a civil society  everything is order no wars or no famine

Among the people of world and living with no problem with each other

Coexistence without strife nor division utopian experience

Rarely becoming a new world order existing


Circumstances allays such dilemma enriching

Flavors of all colors transcending determining

Developing in the humanity outer space blissful plateau

Cohesiveness unleashing enticing humanity


Forms coexistence livable

Peaceful existence far reaching

Lovable domain in the equinox of humanity

Determinants of all resource  equally shared


Humanity in awe and coexistence in plain living

Loving experience to the nth level gratifying






© Roy Mark Azanza Corrales 06082017 5:05   PM PST


A day passing

a day passing

A Sunday about to end
drenched day in the early morning
though passing the heat like summer day
evening calls next in the horizon
pushing in the limits of things
enriching life episodic days
clarity assimilating
ending a so meaningful
gracious spirits sharing
closing in the day with moment
greenery of City Forest garnering
always making meaning in the days passing

Coexistence with humanity




Insects in the city

Living in the torrent of every civilization

Invasion of ancient species

Humanity evolution revolution

Ushering new solutions

Forwarding realization

Traversing new undertaking

Moving into resolution

A sense of balance

Where art thou living existence?

Wary in the ancient times biggest specimen

Adaptability resonating in ages

Moving of insects like roaches and the like

Pensiveness minuteness overflowing

Becoming sometimes a famine in the ages  of humanity

Surely it is realizable capacities enriching

Living coexistence in every abode of humanity




© Roy Mark Azanza Corrales 06082017 4:30   PM PST

Space understanding



Sense of order bringing into new undertaking

Enriching things for a humanity stalking

Livable viability in new discus

nothing manner ictus


Enriching formidability

Fondling in the capability

Delight for the space

Anticipate in the cape


Longing in the  revelation

Dawning in its delegation

Serenading like a song

Renewing a ding dong


Lifting the capacities in all angles

Singularity captivation singles




© Roy Mark Azanza Corrales 06082017  4:25   PM PST

Evening Fog


Urbanization of civilization

Propagation of technologies

Enriching in the core structure in a civil society

Working in the dimensionality

Enriching life in post modernity


Frigid night so desolate

Making things in its isolate

Enriching much complexities

Direction of new social norms

Determinants of ideals lingers

Workable feasible arising

Truly it is a sign of this civilization

An evening fog manifesting



© Roy Mark Azanza Corrales 06082017 4:21    PM PST

Losing someone

Meeting someone in one’s life
Communing anew to illuminate
Garnering much so divine
Grasping every lessons learned

Primordial undertaking truly diverse
Assimilate in depth and divide
Matching in river of adverse
Nothing me to subdivide

Formidability promoting
Commencing such tears
Adoring in the salient motioning
Nothing left for fears

Foregoing much in its severity
Drawing latent most in adversity

© Roy Mark Azanza Corrales 06082017 1:05 PM PST

heart blown away

Random Prompt 2016 Poetry Marathon Hour Seventeen Heart broken poem


Neoidealism meeting INFJ

ideology in its embargo

looking for cause

attainable feasible concept


adhering in the light of matters

enlivening in the world living

enchanting tale sensing

out of cornerstone growing


pathway departs

always moving forward

engaging at all time

loves rules all