End of everything


Everything happens in its creation

Withstanding all pressures in its existence

Grasping very reality

Anything started always met its own deceased

Nothing in life is permanent even a life in its own existence

All finite things always met its own disposal

Indeed, life is so short make meaningful value or purpose in its own living




Prompt # 19 Hour # 15

11:00 AM PHT 23/06/2019





Everything has its own beginning

The originator of all things prevailing

Withstanding all circumstance there is an order

Forthcoming progression always rooted back

To the source of everything

Believing and embracing the Higher Ground

Higher Being in everything one has an Order

Order in every possibility in universe changing

Potentials are learned and conduit in its origin

Then an origin behind an originator of all things




Prompt # 18 Hour # 15

11:00 AM PHT 23/06/2019


Taking care our earth in our hands

“The land knows you, even when you are lost.”


Braiding Sweetgrass by Robin Wall-Kimmerer


A great responsibility on our hands

A guardian in our home

Taking part in our little deeds


Making lives meaningful

Doing our share and be part of change

Whispering in the earth


Traversing boundaries of humanity

A little planet with its plants along with ecosystem

Learning to be part of humanity’s venture


Prompt # 17 Hour # 14

10:00 AM PHT 23/06/2019


Universe unfolding



Universe can gigantic or colossal in vastness

Boundless and limitless in thousand combinations

Creating and destructing all in its avenue


Further development can be unappreciable

Seeing it on various combination

Agitating the spirit of known species


Captivating avenues seen in the eyes of astronomers

Capturing in the lens of technology

Sharing it can a mere quazar






Prompt # 16 Hour # 13

9:00 AM PHT 23/06/2019

Pointers into new avenue





Thinking therefore as I am

Pointing to a new direction

Life tales exuding

Find the colors within

A contouring reality to grasp at




Love envelopes

Clarity points new direction

A life forming a transformation






Prompt # 15 Hour # 12

8:00 AM PHT 23/06/2019


Dear Roy Mark


Dear Roy Mark


You were brought to the world

With sheer idealism

Slowly you came to realize its otherwise


Forging time with life see the walls of lies

Threshing out the truth among the heart

Slowly the mind phantom of what is truly essentials


Look into the hard truths in every situation

Always look for the sliver lining in its limits

Kindling the heart to anew for new resolution


(Dear former self prompt)


Prompt # 14 Hour # 11

7:00 AM PHT 23/06/2019

Moonlit night for a coffee


Seeing the moonbeam from the sky
Taking a coffee from the canteen
Like a sitting duck felt different still
A dock on the shop
Sharing differently a day began
Mustering a city’s fog
Hold still it is a broad light to usher
A night to remember moonlit

Prompt # 13 Hour # 10
6:00 AM PHT 23/06/2019

Homogenic Love




Seeing the heterogenic realm of understanding in life

Fallacy of encroachment leading to a myth story

Underlying pointers seeing the points of a resolute


Leaping in the heart of a man and a man

Traversing a homogenic perspective

Grasping into a legendary tales of encouragement


An identity in its security

Guarding the status quo

Acceptance of another in new course


Prompt # 12 Hour # 9

5:00 AM PHT 23/06/2019

From Selfhood to Being



Underlying layers of a person leading a self to be unearth

Underneath circumstances leading to its own findings

Fulfilling the dimensions of knowledge of a self

Confounding tremors of exchanges forming into a being

To transcend and to lead a path to his Being

Be a part of fulfillment unto life




Prompt # 11 Hour # 9

5:00 AM PHT 23/06/2019

A Talent (sevenling)


Talents in unison

Confounded in shared reality

Finishing the polished elements


Remembering in the heart of matter

Yet the quest for fulfillment

Receiving its eternal reward


Blossoming reality of core being



Prompt # 10 Hour # 8

4:00 AM PHT 23/06/2019

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