If I only had one day.

How would you live it?

What would you do in a short period of time?

To live out your last hours,

And in a run of a day.





Pink ones.

Love the color pink.

Blue Rose’s, and on any holiday.




Easter Day.

O’ Holy Waters

Freshly and clean.

The fishes are swimming to bayside.

Where’s the fisherman?

When its Sunday service, and

And a fish fry.

Mommas kitchen’s,

Is arosey smelling good up in here.

No part from,

Foster love.

Minute by minutes, and

Hour by hours.

They stand ushering.

Raising funds for the feast Mercado Hall.

This Saturday pastor luncheon or we are.

Hoping for a better day to come.

Almighty God.

The curtain shuts, and only a few people are still here.

Who honor.






will come.

Only with surprises.

You’ll see,

Just how good.


been to us.




Leisure rose

Fitted in there on a wooden stand.

Bundles of pieces wrap around the them.

In between the Ivory, and white baby breathes.

Leaves of heart shapes greenish.

Trousers and in the rain they fall.

Times if harvests,

And candy fruits cocktails.

Tears of joy,

Comes in the morning.

Happy Mother’s¬† day.

They comes home with a television, and gift cards.

The only thing they had.

That valued.

Along with,

Red Rover, red rover.

Where is my 1917 antique car.


The one.

Who bid,


It, and sold it.

To me.



Valentine’s Day.




Midnight rose


Velvety leaves.

Tips over wine pots, and

Springhill time in falls.

Homes are build on top of hills.

Life, love, and laughters.

A passion we hold,

Another purpose.

Another magical vision.

A mission,

Thats ties together.

To you, and me.



Dead limbs

This tree roots are damaged, and

Branches falling off.

A big water.

pond that holds,

It in placed.

Yellowing brown leaves giggles.

All around it,

In the.

Peek of Summer.


Cool breeze.






Moody cloud’s

Moonlights to shine on in.

Darkest times.

Of the year.

To feel,

The sunny heat.

From ozone Ray’s of chaw.

Scares eyes that can see.


Wet days

Rain rose.

Rome on ice, and

A full rose bulbs.

Of paddles.

You’ll see,

Day dreaming.

While they turn.

The golden,



Day long.


Dare to go.

The car won’t start.

Nor would it turn a gear.

Doors not opening ah! Uh!

So that.

You can step on out,

And while it’s running.


#12 prompts hour: 9 lines and 9 syllables nonet- Tires

Tires falls and falls on down through this beam opening doors closed togetherness, and moves rotational horizontally  bits.

Tirers melts to the metals when magnets grasps its gravity pushing on one another tightly.

Tirers makes an explosion doing its final reset bolts tightening shifts about shaking early on tabletops.

Making each tirers to not fit steady on or off when used unproperly when rotating them completely on.

When tirers are fitted on they somtimes  rub up against something to bolds its rubble.

These tirers are made to roll normal exiles straighter to fit right on without any ruptures or rubber torn.

Lessons to be learned freely.

Live to see it or be gladly to receive your gratitude laughter’s.

Last call for tirers sales to buy.




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