Whole Again


love formulated my potential

subject is now blossoming

through my previous misfortune

resonating feelings vanished from me

aroused this helpless heart escalates

diversity of thought is essential

this love I have sustained

adoration now becomes motivated

love now makes me complete




everywhere we go people want to know

who we are, and we tell them

we’re UNITED mighty UNITED

we’re Red to the core

the Mighty, Mighty core

we’re standing at your door

oh Manchester, oh Manchester

no Scousers wanted here

we’ll beat you every day and night then drink your beer

we’re UNITED mighty UNITED

we’re coming to your town, we’re going to tear it down.

we’re UNITED. mighty UNITED

not to be ignored, you better get on board

we’re UNITED, mighty UNITED

everywhere we go, people want to know

who we are, and we tell them

all hail hail United to the end,

our spirit is what we choose

so hail, hail, United, United to the end

U-N-I-T-E-D    R-E-D
G-O   W-I-T-H   M-E



Childhood Bullies

fragile and important time

when emotional abuse starts

constant negative messages arise

different parenting styles hinder

let motivation start your senses

evoke your rights from beginning

aesthetic mentality of movement

never disregard what is lost

boys taught be masculine

girl’s feminine quality is crying

fight for ones right to be heard

bullies rip apart self-esteem

social abuse effects one’s core

lack of human contact is deadly

home but not without help

world survives without a bully


The Non-Wastrel Queen


a true legend with spoken words
the world’s oldest reigning monarch
rarely gives interviews
personal feelings not know
her beliefs fundamental importance
well known for her dry witticism
habits were parodied by media
know not to be a teetotaler
wants to see her kingdom live forever
hypocrisy lessened and faded
the future British world is hers
truth her glory, riches, and honors
reign acquired but never regretted

Those Things Remembered

size of a nation unveiled

where did Howard Hughes go

famous do you know the history

from one cryptic tweet

no one hunts small deer

a rising star never apologizes

the founders never discussed this

along the way is now

mightier than the sword

values don’t disappear

legends values exist

memories of a very unusual man

nonconformist aesthetic

pursuit is living life

My First Marathon

It was 1980 something and the gun shoots

runners off

one step two step

running with the stride like no other

it passes quickly the 10k mark

my mind is daft

my body chaffed and burnt

at 13 miles, I get a second wind

I am indulging in what I do

fatigue is not an option

20th mile I’m sore and wreaked

with my conscience, I endure

question myself and wonder why I am here

remember the miles, sweat and blisters

finally, I can see the crowds and finish

I cross the line and collapsed

a journey of endless proportions

in a few hours, I’m planning another

the addition has started

twenty-six miles 365 yards

that’s me sorted

my time here is done


Latest Obsession


all the best fashion
there’s nothing like buying
Roberto Cavalli, Gucci, Versace
it’s my secret obsession
just a few pieces to own
worked hard now play hard
enjoy the finer things when I can
out in the town
make a booking
order the best liquor
Bordeaux,Guinness, martinis
develop a taste for proper drink
I’m not the only one
you only live once is my motto
so to that cheers


Explicitly Political


our hope is not lost on idealism
it’s a real identity
inner peace helps to survive
lost in authority
let motivation start your senses
never voluntarily relinquish power
aesthetic mentality of movement
never disregard what is lost
change need for correctness
be the new you


never  had a brother
never had a sister
born to great parents
loved my grandparents
have a great life
a great wife
why do I feel left out
can’t miss what you don’t have
some days I get angry with this
jealousy does not become me
hostage to an involuntary emotion
I’m both protective and human
now I recognize my faults
that’s me all sorted

Subtle Rituals


favorite tie or trousers
feel life’s got me tight
is it luck or the ritual
it’s your identity that forms you
accept things as they are
it’s no crime against nature
welcome this direction
train to recognize