Text Prompt -Poem 24 Hope


Hope for the best in all situations
If anyone has told me
I would finish the 24 hour marathon
I lost hope when I took a nap
I came back on and could not find the publish button
I did not give up but took my laptop and. Then
Lo and behold I found the publish button
I resumed my mission
I did not lose Hope
As part of the Poetry Marathon
Sabìnah Adewole

Text prompt -Poem 23 My Memoirs Empowerment Defiance

  1. Text prompt -Poem 23
  2. My Memoirs Empowerment and Defiance

The memoir of Sabinah Adewole, who at the young age of four became an orphan when her dad died suddenly in a ghastly car accident in 1971 in London . Her mother a single parent had no option so returned to Nigeria in Africa on a ship in 1972 on the MV Auriel  Her brother aged seven became the unofficial guardian of his four year old sister Sabinah. This was the beginning of  My Memoirs Empowerment Defiance – a journey she was not prepared for. Her mum at the young age of 32 turned to alcohol as an escape. She was placed in a boarding school away from her familiar surroundings in Lagos in 1981. In 1995 and with a black and white photograph of her Dad in hand, she takes the leap to return to England to search for her Dad. She returns to the UK with her two sons aged 18 months and three years and this was the beginning of My Memoirs – Empowerment Defiance .

Sabìnah Adewole

As part of the Poetry Marathon


Image Prompt -Poem 22 The lonely Journey

The lonely Journey

The grass is greener on the other side

Keep going

Don’t give up

The journey may seem far

The aerial view

Reminds me of the war in Ukraine

The line of trucks for the Russians

Trying to invade maripoul

The journey seemed lonely

But the Ukrainians hung in

Stayed in Lane

Help came from far and wide

The lonely journey arrives at the destination

The greens to overcome

The attention and focus

Required for the Poetry marathon

It may seem a lonely journey

But we are working towards a common goal

As part of the poetry marathon

Hour 22

Sabìnah Adewole

Text Prompt-Poem 17 Hulk

A monster on our shores
Eyes as daring as a hook
Teeth as sharp as a dart
The look that could scare anyone at night
A reminder of Hulk
But Hulk was great at heart ♥️
Sabinah Adewole
As part of the Poetry Marathon 2022- 25/06/2022
Poem about a Monster

Text Prompt -Poem 18 Platinum Jubilee

Southend on sea

The Queens Platinum
Two days off to enjoy the sun
The boats on the sea
The family having fun
Rossi ice cream
Cliff on sea Theatre
The families on the grass
The beauty in the atmosphere
The fish and chips
The photos by the sea
The man and his dad
The bull dog
The Asian families
The day in the sun
The Queen is amazing
Such a tribute and
Nice atmosphere on
The sea front
Southend on Sea
My moment of Joy Celebrating the Queens Jubillee
As apart of the Poetry Marathon 25/06/2022

Text Prompt-Poem 20 The Watch Tower

The Fall of Jericho
The stone walls date back to 8000bc
The walls represent the first military process
The walls are at least 13 feet high and is backed by
A watch tower at least about 28 feet tall
The wall fell after the people of isreal marched
Once daily for six days around the city
On the seventh day they marched seven times and blew
Their trumpet 🎺
The wall collapsed and fell outwards
Thereby creating steps for the Israelites to climb up the city
Joshua’s army conquered the city killing everyone except Rahab
And her family were saved
The city was set alight
Why was Rahab and her family saved?
What were the Israelites carrying when they marched around the city of Jericho?
Joshua and his army destroyed other towns and he became the ruler of Canaan.
Moral Message
God wants to break down the walls of our heart and let himself in
As part of the Poetry Marathon 2022 Watch Tower Poem

Text prompt-Poem 15 Kusadasi


The way to Samos
The green palm trees
Stood tall
The blue sky
Houses built on rocks
Picturesque view
The castle in the corner
Very busy with character.
Buzzing with life.
Love of family
The shops in the marina
The coffee shop
Tourists arriving
Vacationers in diversity
The beauty of leaving
The harbour front
The coaches in waiting m
Kebab corner shops
Turkish tea on offer
The cruise in waiting
The business in the city
Such a vibrant town
Kusadasi inscribed on
The mountain top
The friendly locals
One shop on to another
Terzi man’s tailor
The Beauty of life
As part of the Poetry Marathon 2022 25/06/2022
I enjoyed a vacation in Kusadasi

Text Prompt- Poem 14 The picture that speaks volumes

The picture that speaks volumes

The forms of travel on our roads
The beauty of travel on our green
Emissions and CO2 very low
Cars parked for trains slow
Power bikes to save congestion fees
Power bikes for efficiency in delivery seize
Bicycles to travel to work
For fitness and goodness flock
Pedestrians on our roads
Flood to cities on their hopes
All this is a means of travel
On our streets and from our homes
Sabinah Adewole
As part of the Poetry Marathon 25/06/2022
A poem about a picture i took n central London -Means of Travel

Text Prompt-Poem 19 Road Trip

Road Trip

Road trip to Calais
On our way me ,my hubby
Daugther and brother
Off on holiday
Down to the green scenery
From Dover always
On the train we go
Or on the boat we sail through
Or we drive away
The tall wind vanes move
The sunflowers I have seen
Lovely cottage views
Arrive in Paris
Bailley Romain villais
10 minutes away
Disney land Paris
Carraref our our store
At the town centre
Our Road trip was fun
Your Roadtrip could be fun too
trip of a lifetime
Road Trip
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