hour 24 poem



and pain

always drain

mind and will.


Action difficult

to start

when afraid.

hour 23 poem

Tucson Summer

Daily sun rises from the East.

Light and heat beast.

Rise together.

Last forever.


One hundred thousand lux you swore.

Bright sky and more.

Will blind your eyes.

While skin deep fries.


One hundred ten it is today.

Shower and spray.

You need to cool.

So find a pool.

hour 22 poem

My Tableau

Do you know me friend?

I no not myself,

As hard as I try,

I can’t find myself.

Where is it I hide?

Can you direct me?


I could use the help.

To find my insight.

To understand me.

That is what I seek.

After I find me.

You should all do that.

hour 21 poem

Lizards and Snakes

Lizards everywhere crawling all over..

Rattlesnakes in yard thriving everywhere.

Gila monsters not geckos stop over.

Scarlet racers stop hostile takeover.


Herpetologist study both to know.

Knowledge to prevent unintended woe.

Reptiles are all right content to just live.

People are the ones busy contriving.

hour 20 poem



Stroke their pen

In their den

For a yen

Not wise men

Write again


Bottled ink

Do not drink

Stroke the clink

You may stink

Don’t rethink

hour 19 poem

Making a difference

What will you do?

When you find the facts.

When you finally know the truth.

Will you truly understand what it means?

How will you use the information to live your life?

Will living your life make any difference in the lives of others.

At the vey lease will it make any difference in your life or the lives of your family.

If it doesn’t will it make any difference to you, will you change your life

Will you be honest with yourself when you answer this question?

What will you do to change your life if you do anything?

What will be the result of you action or lack of on you?

Do you every think about what knowledge to have.

Do you ever stop to consider the power?

Do you care at all?

hour 18 poem


The wind is blowing down the draw

The man he walked into its maw

Heat Source


It blew hard, he tried to withdraw

He could not move even when he clawed

Heat Wave


The heat built up as he foresaw

It was so hot he was in awe

Heat Stroke

hour 17 poem

True Lies

Every day we hear them,

their purpose is mayhem.

The more the better and

certainly, no encyclical letter.

Maybe you will repeat

what was said in a tweet,

or what you heard on Fox,

or was it from some hawks.

That you will figure out the trope

Maybe I find some hope.

That you may become a sleuth

and find your way to truth.

hour 16 poem


Look into the East

the light in sky a feast.

The planets slowly fade,

the stars close their eyes.

The night beast recuses

the night bloomers fade.


People often miss

the wonder of the dawn.

Snug in their bed

too tired to rise.

Miss the fresh blooms of morn

the day creatures arise.


When people awake

the day has been in motion,

what else will folk miss

as they go through their day.

So caught up in life

and oblivious to nature.

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