Da Hood

I wonder if I would
Have taken seriously
Any of the Faerie News Network's
Wolf Sightings?

The Three Pigs took the worst of it, Im sure
Though they did lose a straw house and a stick hut
At least we have each other though
I do admit if Grandmother doesn't move over,
I'm scratching my way out of this wolf's belly asap!


Under the silver waters, she waited for his return from Avalon.
Excalibur shone eternal, hanging
from her side as she danced
in the seaweed
when the mermaids would visit.

He has slept.
His time would again come when England needed him most and she would be by his side.
His slumber, keeping her waiting


Time meant nothing to her
Means nothing to her

The sword, now heavy, weighs her steps down
the mermaids keep away
England is leaving the EU.

He still sleeps

She still waits

Excalibur rusts


The block party was beginning to wind down

The evening had long since drew down her curtains into the dark of night

the percussion of frog ribbits moved everyone to a relaxed beat

Steam rose from the remaining still-sizzling burgers and hot dogs on the grill

Fireflies were caught in jars poked lids, carried by the most careful of the children

Stories were shared by the oldest of neighbours. People who had long moved away or passed on to the hereafter were made present again

the ghosts shared a beer and toasted to living

The fireflies called out for help

The gnats came and tried their best

But it was the mosquitos who buzzed and bizzed in everyone's ears

That drew the night to a close

the fireflies were let go, one by one
by the sleepy eyed parent of each child

The grill was extinguished with the last of beer

The block celebrated another night, and the ghosts made their way home

(This isn't done by any chance, just really burned out now, will revise)


At 12 noon
on a Monday,
the inner core of the Earth
gave Her immediate notice
And quit

"Dear Universe,
You stuck me with a planet
Of people who think I'm
Hollow or
And I can't go on holding on
To these ignorant hoomans. They are too spacey and believe the weirdest things!!
I'll feel bad for low mass creatures,
they can visit me when the magma chambers cool or when I visited my cousin the Sun.

Gravity, don't hate me for leaving you alone in this.

Peace out,

Us hoomans laughed at our lighter steps and joked that we lost weight
Our dogs began to fly around and sleep on roofs.
Cats no longer needed the fireman, and they were downsized

Cars, plans, trains and trucks
now a carnival ride
Look ma, no brakes!

We grew taller, wider
but we still didn't learn our lesson

We still doubted the planet, we still abused Her

She never came back, stayed in the shadows of the planet never to bother with us hoomans again. We missed Her but didn't realize it, our logic floating away with our gerbils and potted plants into the darkness.


No pain no gain
If this is what I want,
this is the choice that I will make every day

No pain no gain
the life I dream of, of breathing, of filling my soul with creative air

No pain no gain
excuses are a dime a dozen
so ready to come out, so easy to use

No pain no gain
there's no million$, no billion$
Worlds that I create will wilt in my imagination
people never born
places never form
things never be

No pain no gain
I will sit in my chair
and divide the light from the dark
form man and woman from clay and
Write life into their bodies

No pain no gain
I will share my worlds
be open to others' worlds and words
be not afraid of
Me as creator

No pain no gain
I gain nothing from hiding from my perceived pain
Of being

No pain no gain
I will be brave
I will stop my hesitations
I will embrace this fantasy with both ink stained hands.

No pain no gain
No pain no gain
No gain but
at a life lived less creative.

No hesitation, no regrets
With both ink stained hands
I will
my lives into breathing.

No regrets, no hesitation


Dapple of sunlight floats back and forth on the wind,
Wings beat together to stay off the ground


Flowers reaching up to help the frantic little dapple of sunlight

life so short
Fighting against harsh winds
from flower to flower
and still the dapple keeps taking to wing


with each flower she helps bring the seeds
drinking to refresh
moving on to the next


A life moving
A life bringing more life



Pale skin, midnight blue ink stains my fingernails from cleaning my pen.

The prep to start, take my pen apart, the nib, the barrel, the cap. all flushed with water, fading from midnight to sky

ink will stain my nails for a few days, my badge of honour

A new cartridge of ink is primed and the pen is reborn

The blood flowing from the pen is the same hue as the veins in my pale skin

Ink or blood, my pen shares them

8 legged freak

Dear Mr. or Mrs. Spider,

Keep to your side of the shower
take out the:
other spiders who won't sign this agreement

keep to your side of the shower
we'll get along just fine

if it has more legs than I do
have at them, hide the bodies when you're done
I don't want to know what you get up to

keep to your side of the shower
we'll get along just fine

I promise to leave your web alone where
I see those eight shiny black eyes watching (why do you have one for each eye?!)

keep to your side of the shower
we'll get along just fine


"Ev'ry so often we long to steal
To the land of what-might-have-been"
-Stephen Schwartz

Ev'ry time I think I'm done with love
So very tired and done with love
Here you come, with an often, soften look in your eyes
My heart tells my brain here we go again!

It won't be long, I know it's coming
The moment you decide to break my heart
And steal another day

I go back to where I was
To reset for the next time you soften, often your eyes
And take my hand to another land
Of dreams and drama
Oh what-might-have-been, I see so often and I'm sad to see it's shore again.


shadows the in what's see you can
Out of the corner of your eye you see them there
Mirror the in dancing shapes
The shadows wait for us in the mirror
beyond own our World
Living eternal, tied to the glass
found never is Death
Life is a reflection
time to time from in looks Grim the
And sees his own face
soul the of the mirror the are eyes the
His soul long since passed