At 12 noon
on a Monday,
the inner core of the Earth
gave Her immediate notice
And quit

"Dear Universe,
You stuck me with a planet
Of people who think I'm
Hollow or
And I can't go on holding on
To these ignorant hoomans. They are too spacey and believe the weirdest things!!
I'll feel bad for low mass creatures,
they can visit me when the magma chambers cool or when I visited my cousin the Sun.

Gravity, don't hate me for leaving you alone in this.

Peace out,

Us hoomans laughed at our lighter steps and joked that we lost weight
Our dogs began to fly around and sleep on roofs.
Cats no longer needed the fireman, and they were downsized

Cars, plans, trains and trucks
now a carnival ride
Look ma, no brakes!

We grew taller, wider
but we still didn't learn our lesson

We still doubted the planet, we still abused Her

She never came back, stayed in the shadows of the planet never to bother with us hoomans again. We missed Her but didn't realize it, our logic floating away with our gerbils and potted plants into the darkness.

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