3 AM Pancakes

3 AM Pancakes are best when shared…

Breakfast for dinner is a treat.

My father makes delicious pancakes and crepes this I know.

My new love likes Jack Johnson like my mamma and my brother flow.

I’m feeling so fly as I write.

When the rain falls and we nap we have everything we need.

Thank you for letting me sleep, but please wake me before noon so I don’t cry.

I need the sun as much as I need the rain, and yes, I love you all the same.


All rights reserved copyright(c)2017 Natasha Vanover

My Mother’s Clothes


Chic… cotton, silk, and linen.

She prefers Indian cotton, like how she dresses her babies.

Clothes that move; clothes that breathe.

She is on trend because she is a classic who dresses for herself.

She was “athleisure” before it was  in vogue.

She wears pastels, whites, and royal blues with such command.

Denim shorts and gingham tops is how she shops.

My mother is a pillar of fashion and fun.

One day I’ll dress like her when I make my way to the sun.


All rights reserved copyright(c)2017 Natasha Vanover

The End Signals New Beginning

The end hurts.

I forced it and I will never know how it ended.

I rushed it.


I did not plan it.

It happened.

As summer comes to an end, so does love.


Love came to an end, and yet I still warned that it was approaching.

It was the beginning of the end before my earth day.

It ended long before I knew.


Still I let the end dupe me all the same.

I never knew I was capable of putting an end to a love so long in the making…

Almost 20 years of friendship and love has come to an close.



You taught me love and for this I will always wish you well.

Love like energy never dies, it is transferred.


All rights reserved copyright(c)2017 Natasha Vanover

Little Dunn’s River

A sweet retreat for two.

Water rushing in a cool pool of turquoise and blue.

Fruit wine aged for over 15 years opens the path to this natural wonder.

Two seed beads are placed overhead in unison.

Lovers clasp hands as they traverse the falls, a tributary vein to one of the eight rivers of the parish heart.

The Vagus nerve stimulated from head to toe from the spray.

Apophenia -Pareidolia in the rocks overhead are said to display two in one, possibly Bob Marley or his son.

He sees heart shaped stars when he wakes,and she sees tissue in the shape of paper hearts at her feet.

Both see hearts overhead in the sky when they meet.


All rights reserved copyright(c)2017 Natasha Vanover

7 Core Agreements…

Our New Book Begins with the Sacred Seven…

  1. Trust, Respect, and Loyalty
  2. Spirituality
  3. Family
  4. Inspiration
  5. Love
  6. Dreams and Goals
  7. Giving Back Unconditionally

These seven agreements I hold near and dear to my heart.

As we promise to uphold our core with these sacred seven, I pray that I remember always to refill the well and replenish our cup.

You have awakened a love beyond words that makes it our goal to honor these seven as we do each day of the week.

If we choose to see the world and explore as we do so naturally, then take my hand in yours and let us walk in the present and into the future faithfully.


All rights reserved copyright(c)2017 Natasha Vanover

Blue Coffee -Yellow Label Tea

Coffee who knew how smooth.

Whole Bean, medium roast, I’m ready to toast.

Rain in the forest, soil rich, and handpicked for perfection.

Only Blue Mountain will do for your taste.


I sip tea brewed and boiled with steam.

Milk and sugar to drink.

Add a little hard dough bread and Anchor butter as a base.


Maybe one day we’ll swap our favorites.

Maybe I can be the one to invite you on a date.

The beach I can see us walking in between the waves and taking a break to talk as we find a sweet spot in the sand.


One day I’ll call you “My Mr. Mr.” Some will want to call you “My Man”.

Not my direct style, but I’ll try to find the right name to fit us all the while.

Not “boyfriend” or “finance”, not now at least.


I’m not desperate for love, it has to happen on its own.

You are more special than a conventional title.

Maybe we’ll catch a movie.

I can be your pirate mermaid and you can be my sailor riding a panther on the high seas.


We’ll sample exotic treats and then go back again when love first connected two fishes swimming near the seashore.

We’ll find a woolly mammoth in the sand flaked in gold-leaf.

We’ll walk through oil paintings that speak of poetic justice… illuminatio, amor, revelatio,pax, and energos.


This is how our evenings end and begin.

Like in a dream sweetened with coffee and tea.

Surrealism at its best.


Our creative energies don’t need to compete for affection.

You are you, and I am me and together we are better as “we”.


All rights reserved copyright(c)2017 Natasha Vanover

Love at First “Light”

I did not become real until I spoke to your mother.

I was a dream, a wish, a hope, a thought in your mind’s eye.

When your mother spoke to me she gave me life.


When you met my parents and my cousin months ago,

in October and January,

I was sure they were who you fell in love with, oh not me.


I was only a girl on the go.

Who knew I would pass your way, and you would turn around.

Reawakening my love of “Big Head Todd and the Monsters”, Japan, old school R&B, and Phil Collins…


You a mirror to my heart.

How did you know Al B. Sure was my music video Doppelgänger, or that I liked the rhymes of Slick Rick?

Six months ago you saw me with my family and saw the “queen bee” next to her “baby bee”; yes, we are all beach babies.


Smiling, you witnessed my “light”, this I never knew.

How you saw a “light” that you could love, I can barely comprehend.

“Love at first light”, who knew you would become my friend?


Who knew you would love the ocean as much as me?

You parked the break, as did I.

You left the cupboard ajar, as did I.


You love to love as much as I.

No hug was too much, or too spur of the moment,even to play music before bed?

The coincidences, too many to name.


Are we one in the same?

Can you be my twin flame?

The stars align us in the sky.

They brought us together as miracles go.


You are a shooting star come true, a prayer, a wish that was dreamt long ago.

One I cannot say that I put into the universe all by myself.

Was it you who wished for that dream-girl long ago, or was it a mother’s prayer answered?

Your’s or mine, I cannot predict the time.


It is more than true… the ” light” you see in me is the ” light” I feel from you.

Feeling happy for no reason…

I have every reason to be happy and it’s all because of you.


All rights reserved copyright(c)2017 Natasha Vanover


“No Ordinary Love”



I had “No Ordinary Love” as Sade would say before I met you.

Describing a love like ours deserves a context and a place.

Even though space and time need not rhyme.

Your heart and mine bonded before we knew.

One night.

One dream.

One ray of light.

In one second I saw my whole life in an instant.

So clear I could not deny.

A glimpse of heaven in your eyes.

Or was it the song in your heart, so loving and true.

Good God, what was I to do?

Is this your story or mine?


Our love would have to grow and ripen just like a Julie Mango on a tree.

One year ago from today you may not have even known my name.

Our meetings were cordial at best.

I stayed away, not knowing you would pass the test.

A test I did not have write the answers to.


Our attraction we both would discover eleven months later,

one evening late in May it would come to pass.

There was something said, a slip of the tongue on my part, “Ain’t Misbehaving”, as Thomas Waller would have us believe.

Saving my heart for one I did not even know.

This was a concept I could not even fathom.

My heart belonged to another, or so I thought.

Everyone around me wondered and saw the break, but I was holding on to a memory who had made it quite clear.

I was to be left on the shelf to stay preserved, “as is”, and I forgot what it was like to love up close.

Love from a distance had grown into a question mark.

I afraid to answer.

Then love hit like cupid out of the blue, strong and true.

I did not know what to do, until I listened to the one true defender of love, the human heart.

Not realizing I would be saving my heart for a new love, a stranger at best, with words I could barely relate.

It was my heart that spoke louder than the words that left my lips.

I listened for the first time to my heart and not my mind.

My heart said, “Yes”, and I never looked back.

I wish it were that easy, and this would be the end of the story.


Love is more than a curious state of being.

My heart I did not know would expand and love you deeper and deeper each day.

You only wanted to kiss my stars, a constellation of freckles that tattooed my face and shoulders for sure.

I held off for only so long, until one day I let your lips graze my cheek.

Two days later my no ordinary love returned only to think the worse, not knowing that love was newly in bloom.

The connection he witnessed was beyond our control.


Love knows no limits and this I learned was growing stronger each day.

Six months earlier I was left like a potted plant to bloom on my own, before I discovered my new love was closer than I knew.

My dessert rose was a bud almost in bloom.

My new love awakened a new growth as my wings and leaves began to spread.

Was I a plant or a butterfly in bloom?

How could I know the content of your heart?


The only indication were your words, “Are you ok”, you said this phrase with such care in your voice that it shone through the small talk that neighbors often exchange.

Your jovial spirit was all I saw.

Still there was something a spark that we had.

Never mind none of us knew or saw it in the other.

You are a fantasy, clean cut and a mentor on the go, while I was an artist and educator on the run.

Two professionals with no time to spare, but a quick “hello”.

It was not what you said, but how you did that made me pause.

None of us would know the depth until one day after I dropped Blue Mountain Coffee at your door.

The rest is our history and we are still adding to this new book.


All rights reserved copyright(c)2017 Natasha Vanover


Firefly Pearls…

She is cloaked in shadow.

Her hair all aglow.

Wild strands form a halo around her darkenend face.

She moves extemporaneously to the beat of a rhythm we can’t see.

She holds firefly pearls in a strand of rope as far as the eye can go.

Wishes, dreams,and hopes that no one knows.

So powerful it tingles her toes and unsettles the floor beams below.

She rides on waves of pleasure that no human can hear.

Her temperature rises with each outburst.

A flare of light radiates into the air as she counts the firefly pearls that the she whirls and twirls.

She holds the key to the unseen, the unspoken, and the unknown.

Test her knowledge and take your chances all the same.

A pearl of wisdom comes without blame.

She grants you one wish without fear.

Take her up on her offer if you dare.


All rights reserved copyright(c)2017 Natasha Vanover

Ocean Lace Graces the Heavens…

Ocean you are the calling of my heart.

You push and pull at my knee caps, beckoning me to come in and play.

I respect you like I respect animals, from far away.

You are the only body of water that I break the rules for when I play hide and seek.

You make me meek and mild and wild and free like a little child who is forever fascinated by the sea.

I am more grateful for your energy than you’ll ever know. I will not ever trade you in for snow.

States of matter as in water, ice, steam, Bose-Einstein condensation and, plasma have no bearing on your state of being.

Your mix of salt and H2o help you create a living breathing netting of the finest lace across the shore line.

A sight for all to see.

Just beneath the surface you are pulsating with life and vitality. Teaming with sea-creatures, algae, coral, and mammals too amazing to name individually.

I take great pleasure in your versatility.

With over a million species of animals and plants that call your territory home, we as humans must show gratitude for sharing in your bounty and appreciating your magnanimity.

All rights reserved copyright(c)2017 Natasha Vanover



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