24. Mask


Eyes are now our focus. We can now imagine what it is like to wear a hijab or a burka. This is not the middle east, yet now we can see this aspect of the culture in a new light.

Is a mask a sign or modesty or mutual respect? We may have a new appreciation for our freedoms and our misjudgments of a culture that we need to study more in depth and did not take the time to understand.

We do not have to be a middle eastern princess or sudi aristocrat to learn about the mask and its many uses.

Some laughed at Michael Jackson or the Chinese Nationals who used masks when they flew, maybe they were more forward thinking than us.

Now we are left to contemplate how we wear glasses, lipstick, and all that we took for granted in between. Nose clips that fall off our face or coffee filters used to filter out breathing to stop the fog.  Saharan dust storms that cross the carribean sea, moving up the states from the coastal shores to the gulf of texas and beyond. Even Michigan and Canada may get a taste during the worldwide pandemic of just how useful those masks can be.

It protects what we cant see or judge. Do we need a mandate to decide what is best for the nation, our family, or the neighbor or stranger on the street?  Individualism or collectivism which we will choose.  We are now at a crossroads of time and space and this is our lot. How we handle the next few weeks may be a determining factor in our fate.


23. How has life changed since the pandemic started?


Waiting in lines galore.  It is no fun to go to the store.

The rules change every week, if not daily as the virus piques.

It’s not only frustrating or aggravating. It is out of self preservation that we battle the lines to hunt for food.  While the essential worker must battle another front line.

Sickness and covid complications loom in the air and, yet there is no fresh batch to relieve them from their dedication to the cause.

Only endless pain of seeing more of the same. Our hands are tied or so we feel. Now even the hug, the human touch, has now become too much. It feels strange the embrace, like the handshake has become a foreign custom that we question and hesitate to return.


22. COVID-19

The verdict is not out. It is not necessarily a zombie virus but it might as well be.

Is it strictly respiratory?

It can cause strokes and cardiac complications?

In the elderly, babies, and the youth?

What do we believe?

Do we wear the fashionable mask, or the N95?

Is it a matter of what we can afford or the supply and demand?

Have we truly forgotten to wash our hands?

I always took off my shoes.

This is not new.

It only feels strange to wash groceries paper plastic metal fruit vegetable or anything in between.

Gloves to move about I still struggle with as I visit each store with a mask muffling my word no problems as it is a sign of mutual respect.

Only as I walk or run do I no longer see anyone wearing a mask , now not even me.

These have become our outer accoutrements to stop the spread of a deadly disease that continues to grow, lawyers for the most part most of us seem unafraid. We seem unaccepting of its deadly raid on society. We feel invincible . Both young and old take chances because we feel healthy and strong. Not knowing Covid finds our weakness and unravels our health if we are not careful.

In its path we are rendered helpless.  To be intubated is to pierce the esophagus to help the breath the most sacred of our human rights.


3. Police Shootings

Police Shootings inspired by Bop Poetry

The sirens don’t always go off when the camera captures the act.

If we are lucky we get to see what happened on the news.

Not from a police dashcam but from an innocent bystander who happenstance captures it on record.

The pain becomes real all over again.

Why is it that society is first to judge the victim’s history without realizing that an injustice has been enacted?

What can we do to bring peace to our streets before we can wish peace on earth?


So here is the deal, if I knowingly or unknowingly use counterfeit money at a store is my punishment death?

Can I travel to and from the outskirts of town on foot without being followed or assaulted?

Can I sleep in my bed and wonder if I will wake up alive?

Am I wrong to wear a ski mask in the middle of summer without being judged unfairly drugged and killed?

Imagine if i did not speak English and tried still to defend myself would I be treated just unfairly?

Would my fate be any worse if I were male or female because unfortunately, my one determining factor is race.

Even though you can’t even determine my ethnicity unless I revealed it to you. If you judged me by skin color you would be wrong.

How can we stop the brutality when we know that inequality is only a part of pain that has not been healed?


The solution is not as easy as it is to discriminate based on race.

Yes the police are potentially put in harm’s way every day on the job so that makes it even more crucial that we close the gap.

We are not asking that the police go rogue on everyone or to balance the brutality among the people regardless of race.

We need to reallocate the funds.It’s time to restructure an organization we the people gave the power to serve and protect.

This has gone on far too long and we expect the enforces to change a system we as society help perpetuate.

We did not scream loud enough that we were being killed,and as we were dying the inequality created a larger crevice on both sides.’

This is a perfect example of when you see a wrong being committed you can’t be strong and continue to take the abuse.

How can we stop the brutality when we know that inequality is only a part of pain that has not been healed?


Inspired by the words of Zora Neale Hurston…”If you are silent about your pain, they’ll kill you and say you enjoyed it.”



8. Emoji Poetry

Emoji Poetry

I pray for respect love and freedom

While the world celebrates victory, I hold my forehead in shame.

The UK is banning the US.

Parties are no longer condoned.

It is as if we look at the milky way with sunglasses on still in awe of just how curious and foolish we humans truly are.


21. Sleep a little luxury we all crave

You know what I want and need.

It is sleep uninterrupted.

A luxury that the youth waste.

A luxury that we appreciate as we age.

Give it to me in waves of pleasure.

Cool breezes that lull me to sleep.

A comfortable pillow that supports my neck.

A cloud of a bed that gently holds my body in place.

A refuge to dream and design to create.

This is what I long for at the moment.

It’s 5:15 am and I can hear the birds calling me to come to sleep.

I don’t listen even though they make sense.

I write and write till the light comes out, I see it and always marvel at how night turns to day so effortlessly.


19. A season is what we need…

A world wide pandemic had to take shape before we slowed our gait. A battle cry from the earth had to be made to set her free.  We did not do it willingly. We were not listening. She needed her plants and animals to flourish. She had no fear of the reciprocity that we seek . She did not demand, yet when we no longer listened in what seemed like eons of time she decided to stand her ground and we still refused to listen to her cries. We were all forced to slow down to stop and let nature take reign over her land.  To have a rest. To recall life . We call her mother, but our arbitrary forms of commemoration no longer stand the test of time because they show that we have not learned.  We cannot reduce our commemoration to her to a single day, no mother, father or even birthday or earth day should be reduced to a single day.

Mother earth deserves an entire season . A season of change, more than a day or a  month off to recuperate each year. This is what we as a society will do if we truly care. Anything less than a season will not suffice.

The Gregorian calendar has become an archaic symbol of a bygone era.  Are we ready to usher in the age of Aquarius a new better way? We can learn from our past and honor all that is sacred, but if it was wrong or misguided we do not have to be bound by a tradition that dishonors all that we have come to appreciate and that has given us the bounty of life that we all share.  Nature is the one equalizer that we need to heed. We did not have to wait for a pandemic to wake us or give us an ultimatum to do what is right.  There is no need to negotiate.  Let us do what is right and start anew.  Do it for mother earth, do it for your loved ones. We are one in the same and there is no need to blame. Let us do what is right. The veil is lifted. The time is now to make the shift.


20. Be the Light …Be the Night

Light a match and the light shows no shadow.

Be a light to yourself even when the world does not see it.

Light needs contrast and dark needs light.

Both are not negative or positive, nor are they one in the same.

Shadow gives light its strength and light offers up a tiny spark,

Against an all encompassing background of the dark.

They compliment each other since the dawn of time.

We see the stars because of the night, so let’s wake up and embrace each in its own right.


18. Big Time Sensuality… Synesthia Summer Holiday

The story I want to tell is one I do not know how it ends because it is the story of my life. Some may want to tie up all the loose ends and have everything neat and complete. I tried that and will probably die trying to make the cut, yet in the meantime I take pleasure in the little unknowns that come my way.

The truth is there is so much in between that we miss.  So many moments not captured on film or in picture form. A touch, a laugh, a kind word, or even a kiss. Trust me in this era of technology I’ve tried to capture every clip and I have been questioned for this quip.  I wish I had a baby of my own to love and hold, so I was not judged for my documentarian ways.  The good and the bad I try not discard if I can help it.  Everything has its place and so much can be recycled or given away. Yet those shots we question whether candid or posed are vital when we are trying to capture life in all its glory and its pain. It is what makes us human. We make mistakes and we learn.  I feel we need to document it all so we do not repeat what we detest, or what causes unrest. Perhaps this is my fascination with museums and photography on a whole.

My words, your doodles, I will collect them all.  Can I find a new occupation that will pay me for my attention to detail?  Each time I reread a paragraph  or look at art, I find something new. A nuance, a Deja-vu, a change of tone. I don’t like watching movies more than once, but sampling a book or music I don’t mind a second chance.

Like fashion, why can’t I comment on the whole picture that I see?  I hear the message, but there is so much more to the story.

Let me stage the set and set the tone. I see it all in full color code. Technicolor or black and white there is more to see than meets the eyes. If  only I was truly multilingual.  I would relish in the nuance of tone and dialect. The words, the thoughts, the feel, the notion, the inside and the outside, the positive and negative, the contour and the gesture.

For some it may be information overload, but for me I have the eyes of a hummingbird seeing colors unknown to man and like a dragonfly I see things in multiple dimensions of depth and form. 3D is not the norm 5D is the form that I recognize. Can’t wait to uncover more than meets the eye. Touch, taste, sound, texture, sight, and intuition all speak to me. I sense more than the surface that you present to me. I listen with ears that you don’t see, my hands and eyes see parts that a microscope and telescope cannot catch.  I see life in a plant and I see the image in the stone. I seek depth beyond the perception of the surface that is created to create dissonance. I see the vibrations that most miss. Give me a chance to tune into the frequency that is beyond most human perception.


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