H24: The Gifting

The 24th prompt: quite a gift, I would say,

As I sit here awaiting it given away.

Though, like Christmas I’m certain, that no sooner done,

I’ll be sad that it’s over and plan the next one.

Like some Christmas thingie, with twenty-four treats,

That mark time til the next time, and won’t let you eat

Whatever, whenever, in one gluttonous gulp–

But give the treats metered (so you don’t throw up).

And here I sit, sugar-plums wedged in my head,

to get it all finished, and just go to bed!

H23: Gubbles

The hippo snugged beside me snores,

And blows billowy bubbles I’ve learned to ignore.

Big blasted pink ones that pop when she snuffles,

That gum up the linens and goo up the ruffles.

And once, even gobbed up the ceiling fan blades,

With bubble gum gobbled in gum bubble shades.

But mostly, the troubles are easy as clover–

Except when she sneezes her bubbles all over!

H21: Sing the Whisper

I can hear a bird outside, singing in the dark. Coaxing the sun. It is lovely.

This is my first full marathon

since chemo came and went last year–

and I’m not certain I can go much further.

I have sung 20 songs,

and I don’t have much left.

Yet, I really want the song after all songs…

that one whose words say I did it.

H20: Aglow

stars dim, one by one,

as the Sun


all light

to its vanity,

stealing even from the moon,

the garden lights,

the streetlights,

luminescent eyes of the night.

In dark obeisance,

they bow

to Helios’

vibrant glow.


H19: Part of Something Bigger

Maaaaaaaaaasks aaaaaaaaalll aaaaaaaaround,

Eaaaaaaach supposedly guaaaaaarding us,

Keeping us from haaaaarm,

Aaaaas it spreaaaads slower,

Curves lower,

For months,

We cower,


Our maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasks

H17: Tech Check

This is tech?

What the heck,

Time to do a reality check…


Testing, 1, 2, 3.

Is it just me?

Or does thing seem obsolete…


Wires and whistles,

Worse than thistles,

Ready to give it a final dismissal…


Back to basics,

And skip this matrix…

Unplug and kick it to the curb?



H15: Flew Away

“I remember, back in the day

If you wanted to travel,

Wanted to play,

You just up, and fly away.”


“Like Wilber and Orville,

On a fast bike?”

“No son, you can’t

Imagine the like,

Of taking a jet

Clear out of sight!”


He said with a wistful

Look in his eye,

An unshed tear,

But he couldn’t cry,

In front of his grandson,

Who didn’t know why.


But long, long ago,

Before TSA, before 9/11,

And viral decay…


Before common sense

All flew away.

H14: Random Prompt

Begin where you are–

Here to there and back again.

Not the same, but new.



Random prompt…Journey without saying journey or travel…

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