When Night Descends

Rain melts the twilight sky as cresting waves pound the shoreline.
Wind lift me up, let me swim in the Milky Way –
its raspberry sweetness on my tongue, as dreams pass this dreamer by.
I caress the stars above, kiss the moon with tender lips,
and bathe in its silver luminescence.
The warmth of your hands cocoon my soul,
as I dream of the one smiling back at me.
Dip me in your pools of beauty, remove my flesh –
my crimson silk as sweet as liquid gold.
Whisper my name, and I will hear you.
Reach for you, and I will feel you.
Linger with me in the unknown, see me through the darkness,
and I will see your face.
Your loving smile, the warmth of your hands, seducing me back to life.
Twilight is gone, night descends and my dreams awake.
Memories taunt the familiar ache in my heart.
A chance was all it took, a chance I never got.
Shards of broken glass fill my cup,
every clock’s ticking hand reminding me of time’s finality.
I fought every seen and unseen war, and lost.
And then with my heart bleeding in my hands, I foolishly gave up destiny.
The cobalt sky descends, bleeding onyx into my memory,
as old dreams painfully awake.
Remove the light of your liquid silver, holding my breath, and grip my hand,
let me drown in your beauty.
With solar warmth burn me up, birth me into another world.
Falling stars, fall with me.
Pearlescent wings unfold, fly me up into eternal night’s bliss.
Venom of fantasy hunt me, take me, transform me.
Deity of all deity’s, make the impossible real, despite the dust that I am.
Congeal, bleed, flake, let me be what I dream of being.
Champion who will guide, I call to you. I wait for you.
Silent in the void, cocooned in the light that only you will see.


7th out 12

Trailing Stars

Trailing stars, shower me in your celestial dust.
Let me shimmer with pulsing light from galaxies afar.
Moon, kiss my skin alabaster white.
Divine set me free from gravity, let me fly into the depths of creation.
I will search orbs of light, orbs of dust, and find the one where I belong.
Lay me down on the warm gold you walk, and let sadness cease to be.
And there, beauty will have the meaning you always meant for it to have. 


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I dream of you, your caress like the velvet touch of creation’s light.
I do not know your face, nor your name…
yet I feel you across the great expanse. 
Your silence is the deafening void before the dawn,
the sweet nectar of night soothes nothing as I wait.
You are the sun I orbit, the moon I long for, yet I do not know why.

Uncertainty, longing, impossible want
tugging at the ethereal thread that binds me to you.
Invisible. Undefinable. Impossible.
Yet I wait for dawn to break, for my sun to rise, to see my moon,
to hear this fathomless void filled with your voice.


5th out of 12

Whole Once More

You are not invisible, though you walk in the shadows of this world.
You are not alone, though you journey on your own.
The heaviness in your heart is a fettered weight,
anchored to the sorrows of the past and the unknowns of the future.
But I will steady your trembling breath.
I will turn your burning tears into the silky petals of nature.
My hand holds your heart, I will be your heartbeat when you faint.
My arms are wrapped tightly around you, I cannot let you go.
It is against my nature.
You do not cry alone this night, or any other night.
Open your eyes and see.
Trust, and see me.
I will remove the weights from your soul.

When you break and shatter, I feel your soul tearing apart,
and though you silently wish for death, I will hold you through it.
I will not let you bleed or flake away.
I will heal every broken piece within you, until you are whole once more.


4th of 12

No Longer Forsaken

Come, dust my eyes. Sleep I cannot find.
Swallow the bitter, powdery lumps of violent truth, as night descends.
Fickle favor forsaking me.
Rail against ironies, injustice, isolation, self-pity.
Plead my case on golden streets in vain.
          “Hear I am! Hear me! See me!”


Power, a precarious and fickle wheel of spinning blades,
shanks thrust into every well spring I breathe.
Wielding power, you are deaf and blind, until your wheels spin against you.
But then you will know the same helplessness
every slave beneath you has always known.


Walk, dig, crawl forward into the silver, unearthly orbital light.
Bruised, broken, reaching, striving,
my fingers grasping nothing but the merciless void.
Sweat, bleed, scream in endless, tireless work, that only sends me backwards.
Progress an unlikely dream.


Iron, metallic tears wrenched from within, spilling passed burnt
and blistered lips, draining youth and hope.
I pale in earthly light, but shine in the darkness that hunts me.
Yet no movement forward, no understanding of why.
Loathing stagnation, I curse the ancestral curse upon me.
Fight with hands and feet, with ancient living words, a battle I cannot win.
I see the cloak, feel its weight, smell its sulfuric finality.


Celestial hands, listen to my reason:
Strip me from my molten suit.
Shred, tear away every human frailty,
let me step away from the peeling edges of what can never be.
Guardian… Protector… Champion… Why have you failed?
Let me curl into you, an amniotic cocoon, in the darkness of night.
Hide the garish sun and let there be no light.
Let me fade into you, where I am no longer forsaken.


3rd of 12

Valhalla Screams

Coveted silence, coveted night, revelations flood like streams of light. 

When purpose ceases, when vision fails, when love is gone, 

I can hear every banshee’s wail. 

I see the wooden plots cresting on the water’s gentle waves. 

Archers with their flaming bows, aiming towards the floating graves,

Valhalla screams, “Come home!”, to those lost lingering souls. 


In their death, they are found, 

Divine hands sweeping back the unseen veil. 

A mere breath and all may fail, a mere breath and all might be well. 


Do not fear the darkness, for it cannot exist without the light. 

Do not despise the hard fall against the unforgiving ground,

for strength cannot be shown without rising to your feet.

Do not despair over the battles and wars that are lost,

for without conflict, love’s untested nectar couldn’t taste as sweet.

Do not rage against just and unjust death,

for they are fixed and inevitable points in time. 

In our darkest hours, in the vilest of nights,

in the midst of death’s cruel blow, 

the human soul is embraced and accepted, Love always taking us home.




2nd of 12

Silence Falls


Silence falls tonight, my eyes unable to see my lovely silver orb of light.

I see no heavens, no earth, no beacons of light,

shining from millions of miles away

in the celestial seas of unknown delights.


So many unknowns I’ve dreamt about, happily lost in their impossibilities.

But tonight I do not dream – 

not of raspberry Milky Ways or earthly endeavors.

Silence has fallen, within and without,

and I’ve drifted to some place I do not know, do not recognize,

and yet I know how the drifting will end.

The blessing of knowing too often is a curse.

The silence within comes in blessed dulcet tones, that indeed can be heard, 

as if bliss kissed my lips with a rich and sweet Merlot.

But the silence from without echoes like a cavernous roar, 

forcing their bitter herbs down my throat, 

reminding me of a truth I wish I could forget.

But truth is forever.


I drift now, wishing hazily that I could bend and move through time.

Where I could change the unsavory memories

and keep the incandescent moments,

every moment I floated on pure happiness and joy.

I remember you –

every face, every voice, every smile.

I caught you as you blinked and tucked you inside my heart.

You do not know how much love my heart holds for you –

you cannot know.

Indeed love is a double edged sword,

and as I pull it from my heart to give to you, 

I feel the stinging void of all those I’ve had to leave behind.


I smile through burning tears…

understanding… always understanding.

I drift upwards now, hovering above the undulating masses, and I know.

I live, I dream, I love.


Only I know how this drifting ends.

The Milky Way still waits for me to taste its raspberry sweetness.

The silence will linger as I drift further 

from the silver, dusty orb I long to stand upon. 

This bliss, the only kiss I shall know, too drunk upon its wine,

to mourn never knowing his lips, though freed from the screaming room. 

I shall linger and awake to the chaos of the day.



1st of 12