Prompt 24

Window wide open
It’s still dark outside
Wee hours of morning
Let’s go outside and walk
step into the present moment
inaugural view of
The Marathon finishing morning
This is the best views in town,
understand that all things change
impermanence lasts
Hence calling it a night
Until next year !

Poem 23

Running madly,
rushing to nowhere –
what’s the use?

I am in no hurry,
life can go at its own pace –
No worries

Slow motion ,dancing,
Empowering voice goes deep down –
put the brakes on

Poem 22

Hurrying , scurrying
In a big blurry furry
Racing through the hour
Because sleep
Humming coming

Poem 21

Come see me,Am
Dancing between sleep and waking
Laughing and crying
Joy and misery
Pain and enthusiasm
Light and darkness
Sometimes up
Sometimes down
Dancing between
waltz and tango
Better be wise
And walk straight
In middle

poem 20

Just like this moment
All things
are impermanent,
grateful to
have experienced them
Partaking the nector
With everyone
” awake” with me

prompt 19

Early finishers
late starters
each will find
Radiant day
In the space
We all are floating
Waiting a place
To sit and watch the space
View from below is distorted

Without space….
the stars would have
nowhere to shine,
the earth and the moon would
no longer dance
the sky would no longer hold
the clouds in its embrace
and you would have
no room to move

What magic is in the space
Its landscape is huge
Far more than we all can fill
we all are like
overlapping petals
of different flowers;
Spreading energy
Reaching everyone
across vast space;
caressing and strengthning
Our resolve
and complete
Our circle of poetry!

prompt 18 evening fog

Evening fog lifts
Revealing bright moonlight
As mental fog clears,
Thoughts becoming words and
Words becoming
extraordinary crapy poems
Oh well
Remove soon your foggy glasses
Everything fine here
Need that drink again

poem 17

Capturing this moment
Eye lids rise and fall
Each moment brings
Closer to sunrise
Each hour captures
a unique display
There is no sameness.

Poem 16

Taking the wrong turn;
Ignoring signs
take care not to go mindless –
falls happen like that.

Poem 15

Storm came with no warning
Thunder follows lightning flash

Water falling,
With thunderous sound
Rocks applauding
their dramatic performance.

Sky is ocean
Thunder crashing waves

As above , as below

Same to same

Sky just kissed the Earth

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