Poem 16

Taking the wrong turn;
Ignoring signs
take care not to go mindless –
falls happen like that.

Poem 15

Storm came with no warning
Thunder follows lightning flash

Water falling,
With thunderous sound
Rocks applauding
their dramatic performance.

Sky is ocean
Thunder crashing waves

As above , as below

Same to same

Sky just kissed the Earth

Prompt 14

What a mystery camping night
Storm clouds gather,
Rainy evening
Frogs ribbiting
searching for my raincoat

I let the worry live and then die
as the cooling evening
breeze tickles
my chin
and the mosquitoes chase
my tasty legs

Oh this humidity
Sweat, steam
Running down my elbows

Oh well!

My, first night campsite
this night I
shall sleep well.

Poem 11

Memories bringing
Dust together
to upset me

I look at myself
crying and
cannot fathom
Cannot explain

so just breathing…
time passes
sobbing subsides;
I am able
to see
where I am,

Where am I?
That’s the perfect to place to be!

Poem 10

The gentle breeze dances,
fallen leaves tries to attach

see me, see me,
desperately pleading
crying for attention

Poem 9

Good morning

the sunflower radiates gladly

Everything welcome.

Flowers in party clothes
Dancing merrily with everything

Flowers with thorns
Oh, such strength!

criticism, praise;
Thorns and flowers
both have their uses.

Oh , such harmony!.

What a bold display
courage to stand out
With love and friendship

Poem 8

Silence not without sound,
Space is not empty
And darkness has light to be found

Seeing darkness,
I know light.
Hearing silence,
I know music.
Touching emptiness,
I let go
of myself.

Prompt 7

Inside out and upside down
Sniffing the fresh air
What is out there
It’s inside job

Come inside , where it’s calm

Space for reflection

Outside is crazy
Holding myself together
Better go inside

In midst of water
Inside, outside
Room for reflection

In middle of awakening
We are asleep
Inside , outside
Upside down

Keep investigating
Inside outside
Leave no stone unturned

Closing my eyes
Looking at the universe
Inside, outside

I see a figure
It’s transparent
can see it’s insides
Unlimited glaxiees
Flow out of it’s body
Star planets, waves oceans

The figure turns to

see me looking…

and gets up

to leave.

It’s me !