Poem17/24 “My LiFe”

My life is not perfect

Yet I have to save

Its the only treasure

My mother gave

Full of tragic moments

And memorable ones

And keeps my Saviour

A perfect one

And if I can’t

My soul be kept

Unto His hand

Rest in His glorious Land

I pray to Thee

People might forgive me

All things I’ve done

I surrender to You, Thy one

And if they can’t forgive

I pray to Thee

I pray for them

Their goodness and health

Unity and peace

Love of all!

Poem16/24 “Sentina”

I wish I could turn back the time

When I let those opportunity pass by, I turn

My back and surf those huge stormy waves

That I lost myself and waiting to rise

To light my meticulous page

Where I can breath and flow


I just let those good moments flow

I wasted time

Yet, still clearing my page

Because I can’t go on and turn

So I may rise

From those huge stormy waves


It makes me strong those huge stormy waves

I found my life’s contentment flow

And in that, I thank, they may rise

In His time

He don’t let me turn

From my dusty page


I change my dusty into a meticulous one page

Where in I could tell to anyone what I went through the waves

So they might know how it’s difficult to turn

So they might knew, I changed my flow

And value my time

To see the sun rise


That keeps me rise

And keeps telling how fragile my page

Take time

To watch out the waves

Learn more to flow

Walk straight, no regret, no turn


Its hard to decide and regret with no turn

Better to think trice to rise

Go with the flow

Whatever I have in every page

Will always meet the waves

Unto desired time


Time counts life, value every moment,I might not know, I may not be able to turn

Along those huge stormy waves, God never left me. He save me and He help me to rise

Thank You for changing my page into a better one, where I can go with the flow



Poem15/24 “A CHANCE”

A second chance is hard to give

Specially when I knew you will cheat

But when you plead

And humbly sorry creed

I will give you a second chance

Rather than ignorance

I will give you a chance because I love you

Not only words you know

But the foundation we had

An unconditional love

That make us firm

That holds us tight

Those prayers we made

Along those tidal wave

We swam, we sunk

We fought, we love

Hope you won’t waste

A love, a chance

Hope you will change and develop

Hope you won’t regret when you come back

Be a man, and renew everything to make it right

Be a man, that you deserved a second chance light

Be a man that you deserved love

Like what we had promised “love, if we had a chance”

Poem14/24 “My Favorite Food”

Im not choosy in regarding to food

As long as the old people eat it

I will eat depends on my mood

Sometimes I’m not hungry a bit


Leafy green vegetables

Are my favorite soul

It contains a lot of minerals

And vitamins


It is a very good medicine

For high blood pressure, and heart

It is easy to cook

You can boil, blunched nor mix with a little bit of meat


“Malunggay” is my most favorite

Blunching is a better taste of it

Sounds so different

But try, to taste the scent


Poem13/24 “The Road Less Traveled”

Along the journey of life

There’s always two sides

One, who will lead to succeed

The other who will lead to drift

Two side built the same structures

Same features

Same fruits

Same roots

Each side has an options

Has an reflections

Has an regrets

Has an visions

The other side might have short cut

To let the traveler not get tired

But nearly, the endpoint will arrived

Didn’t know if the traveler will survived

The other side might too long

Too risky to prolong

More challenge, more cautions

Where a side, a traveler may belong

Its a matter of a good choice

Act not only by a voice

Its a matter of a very good desicion

Where a traveler can lie his motion

As a traveler to different ways

Think more than twice as those sun rays

That in the end

No regret

Don’t choose an easy path

It will pushed to an empty heart

Where a traveler can’t come back

And no place to start

Poem12/24 “Love moves”

Choose to forgive 

Rather than to leave

With an empty love

A broken heart

And soul apart

Choose to love

To move things light

To a better life

Believe in miracle

It moves in mysterious well

Where love conquers it all

Where love pushes the impossible to possible

It is surprising, in heaven above all

Over the rainbow’s fall

Beyond the horizon’s hall

Love lives and moves in different call

It moves a magical sound

Towards His Holy ground




Poem11/24 “My Bestfriend”

As I woke up every morning, I see him beside me lying

His eyes staring, wondering, like he is talking

When I get off the bed, he jump over my head

Opening the fridge, his gonna take fruits that were rotten

Smelling, if he don’t feel like eating

His going to kick his plate slowly towards me

He gonna scratch my feet and stare, asking for another 

I will show him a fried meat! He jump! And jump! And jump!

And bring his plate back, and eat a lot

He is with me wherever I go, he wear a pad, a cloth and shoe

When we go to the park, he throw his pad

When I’m sad and cry, he stare at me and sigh

His gonna sit beside me, lifting his hand reaching mine

I gonna hug him tightly and smile, and whisper thank you, you’re here for a awhile

Poem10/24 “Autobiography Of A Face”

a face which God molded and given a love 

a new technology ruined, unloved

tattoos as art spreading onto

earrings anywhere hung too

nor make-up brush coarse

with different colors

with different styles

to make beautiful

think so beautiful in front of the mirror

cut-off the fats

surgical can patch

wearing a technological face

could change the very good behavior

into a worsen one

looking other’s from head to foot

seems like never been ugly like moth

insults, bully, were worn

are you not contented?

still undergo technological wasted?

surgical needed?

nor skin removed?

do you think you are beautiful 

changing what God has given?

i wish you could change your life

your bad manners in a minute as how

you change your face

i would rather love your ugly face

wearing your beautiful heart

in front of the mirror you are loved

rather than having your transformed surgical face

wearing no love but full of insults

in front of the mirror you are dead

because you don’t have love

you don’t love God

because if you does,

you are good

you won’t transformed into a technological face

you won’t waste money and time

you won’t waste your face

you won’t waste your life

you won’t waste God


Poem9/24 “LoVe Connection”

Even how bad my parents are

They are still my father and mother

I won’t be here without them

I won’t see the green nature land

I won’t see myself taking the risk,

Obstacles, and slowly reaping success

I love them both

Even now they are separated

There is “love” that still connected