Poem8/24 “In This World..

..we need..

to teach our children properly mannered. Properly disciplined throughout these high technological devices. We need to show them the right way in order to avoid phonographic, malicious and violent ways. We need to teach our children on how they are going to live the life not how to leave it


..we need..

a Godfearing leader to protect our country. We need a leader who has a very pure good heart for the needy

..we need..

a government whose goal is to serve us not us whose going to serve them. We need to vote wisely. We need a government who will lead other nations to be good

..we need..

to stop the war. Where a lot of innocent people died. Where a lot of families lost their love ones. We need to unite, we don’t need to fight

..we need..

to remember, we leave our families and work overseas to earn money to sustain their needs not to earn babies. We need to remember that we work overseas its because we don’t have job opportunities that suit for us  in our country. We need to be patient to work

..we need..

to take care of ourselves while far from our families. We need to value that God given us. We need to be strong, firmed, and toughed and most especially, we need to thank God for every seconds of our life we had.


..we need..


..love, peace, and unity..


“Primarily Visual Image Poem Challenge”


Lying on the ground

Embracing the cold wind

Caress of the night

Staring the stars 

Counting the blinks

Covered by the clouds 

Can’t see, too far

Away from each other

Hoping, dreaming

Longing to bind

Different color’s sight

Reflection of light

Dropped from nowhere

Wish I was there

To wish the starry fair

To wish my dream

To wish my knight

“Unfaded love”

Poem6/24 “A Passion of Life”


Life is borrowed

From Almighty God

Needs a bountiful unconditional love

A care to protect

Comfort to hug regret

Caress in every darkness

Passion to carry the cross

To the bridge across

Might be danger but hold tight

To His promises upright

He won’t leave 

Along those difficult times

He will watch every steps 

He will stops every obstacles

He will wipe every single tears

He promised He won’t leave

Value what he give

A life, a love

Don’t waste, don’t doubt

Try to walk along His path

Difficult a lot

Don’t give up

Most especially the time 

Black clouds dropped

And bait trapped

And nothing to do but cry

And say,:”Lord, help me”

Believe, He will come 

To carry the burden

And soul to be enlighten

In His hands


Salvation and peace..


Poem5/24 “She managed..”

..her life..

 is miserable, her husband used to punch her, pull her hair, spank her, kick her, but still she accept it. Yet, she don’t fight back


..her life..

looks like no direction, she married the man she loved before. She was happy, seems like no regrets. Her whole life she spent to the man she loved. Yet, her love wasn’t enough to let the man love her

..her life..

awaken her for the bad things she went through from her husband. She love him but she can’t be with him anymore. She can’t escape. She was threatened. She might die.

..her life..

pushed her husband to find someone better than her. So she could leave him. She thought it would be better for her and the kids

..her life..

swam along those stormy winds to survived. Patiently accept the pain, the sufferings, and saceificed for her life, her kids, her family. Until one day, she woke up alone. The silence broke the noise. She cried. She was shaken. She embraced herself and her kids

..her life..

started from there seeing light. Seeing life. And finds herself seeking God. She and her kids went to church to thank God for a new beautiful day that makes her and her kids hold , wrap with unconditional love


Poem4/24 “The Mute”

No one understand what they are saying

Their hands, fingers keep on waving

Some sound like “urgh” as they’re laughing

Can’t here them while they’re crying

If only people has a wider heart

To enter each sign and mark

To understand each single part

Every motion, every movement of their hand

Facial expressions express what they’re talking

They will response smiling

If only they can speak out loud

They, will shout: “can I be love?”

“I can hear you, I felt you, I understand”

“Would you be my best friend?”

“You have a very pure heart

That can communicate to understand”, but,

There’s only one magical voice they could hear

And speak with, no one, but God


Poem3/24 “The Fisherman”

My father’s friend named Mike is a fisherman

He used to go to the sea early morning

When everyone still snoring and sleeping

He will escaped and slowly walk and run

After how many hours, before lunch 

He will come home holding his bunch

Full of fish, big and small

Different colors, different kinds, different sizes

My friend Michael and I will clean the fishes

Some for cooking

Some for giving 

Some for selling

My friend used to go to the market during afternoon

To sell the fish, his father’s caught

When he sold, he will come home with money

He will give it to his parents

And save some for his schooling

His father said: “fishing is not easy

You have to be patient 

Pray that you might catch

Fishes knows whose net they are going

Fishes knows who are needy

As I pray to God, I pray to fish to come”

If I will not go fishing, my family will suffer

My son will stop studying

I don’t want to see that, he is our one and only child

My family will be hungry

I dont want to see them suffered, he added.

Fishing is not only a job but it is a dedication to God, I said.

Yes!its true his father said. Fishing is about a choice

It is about choosing the most and best for you and your family

And fishing is all about love

If you love God

He will give you the best more than you ask for, wait patiently

Fishing is the foundation of this family

My wife’s family is rich. Yet, she still chose me, she said:

“we will surpass as long as we stay, still and keep fishing,

And be a fisherman to God”

We can be richer than my family, he added.

Fishing is loving those people around

Not by catching quickly proud

But to wait patiently love

The best catch will come from God

Poem2/24 “My Journey”

I look around the globe

Looking for love

That I long

A love that no end points


I didn’t found it

From this people bit

Nor idiot’s lip

Or crown to deep

I walk from one place to another

Looking for a stranger

Who could probably give

A love to keep

After hours we talked

I found the love

Not took about

Nor say it loud

A stranger’s love to be honest

Can take life a million rest

Everywhere, anywhere

A love can be better

In my journey, I found love

From a stranger’s heart

Through this treasure island

I kept not to be apart

Living in this wOrLd

Awake to see the goodness around

The breath of life

The bird’s amazing sound

The lion’s challenging bite

The flower’s blossom

In this heart of gold

Surrounded by green nature’s fold

Into this underwater ground

Swam, sunk, stocked

Hurted by rocks

Along those fine sharp sands

Trying to paddle

Through those stormy waves

Embraced by love

Condemn, but still survived

Into this smooth peaceful land


Good day everyone! I’m Melissa Seth Albornoz, a native from Philippines, and presently working here in the middle east as a housemaid.  My honour to be included as one of the participnts. I will be joining full time marathon. I love literature. I love reading and writing it on my own.

I came here not just to compete to other participants,

I came here to learn, enhance and develop my capability in writing,


Its not only writing,


my ability to arrange the letters on the air

to form a word

to touch one’s life.

I don’t have a house,


I have a home,

and I found it here..

in this –

“poetical world”

Where A-Z unites

and love each other

as they form a word.