Hour 24…water

i step into the waves

Shoes left behind, socks in my pocket

I walk to the east, into the coming light

my body instantly at home

alive and full of wonder



Hour 23… tasty

feta, tasty, blue vain, bree, grated, sliced, cubed and shaved,  l do so love some cheese, do you have a fav?

Hour 22…wake up

The last hours linger, my eyes drop, my creativity flows nowhere, l shake myself side to side, my brain mutters, crys and searches for words, that sing together upon the page.

Hour 21…

My heart beats faster when you are close There is nothing better than being dressed in your love. You fill me with temptation with hope, oh how l miss you when you have to leave

Hour 20,

Light is absent as l meander along the cliff top track, my mind absorbed in thought, work, children, poetry, art, every now and then my heart jumps at the loud thump of a startled wallaby, l stop at the lookout the white peaks of waves florescent in the distance,  l turn and make my way back, relaxing into nature’s song.


hour 19….jandrasean

i rise before the sun, walking from pre dawn to sunrise

the sounds of wind and sea caresess my mind ready for the day

most of adult was spent mothering my brood of 7 pottering around

with pen on paper, as i neared the half centry mark, l found my way

back to my artistc roots, finger painting with clay, on rock


hour 17, bookworm

books were safer than people anyway,

you always knew were you stood

fiction, no fiction, F A N T A S Y

people pretend to be what your looking for

while trying to turn you into what thier looking for

some use lies like sweets to draw you in

keep you at arms length,

give me a book anytime

i know i will be going on a journey

it might be rough ride

or a gentle kiss

a heartbreaker

but it is a journey i agree to take

when l open the cover

hour 16… Listen

the wind caresses the leaves, the petals, my hair

it is the conductor of all my favioute songs,

in harmonys with ocean, thunder, lightening

ii have no need for a rdio or a tv

i have nature to sing for me.




Hour 15….yesssss’

he got down on one knew

i held my breath

my mind froze

then raced years ahead

yes i love you

no i want explore the world

no you want to stay

a wild jumble of hope and dreams

on fast cycle

yes, yes,yes

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