24 – rebel yell

she ran when others walked,

she danced alone, a storm on the dance floor

she was more than rebel, she was the wind

a wild flower, expelling her seeds to roam the earth

an ocean wrapped in skin

let the world try to define her,

to box her

civilisation was a prison

she walked out of.

23 – winters daughter

  1. rain sprinkled earth, wet and creamy between my fingers, the metal trolley that held my plaster dressed body, heavy on my small arms, muscles growing,
  2. scars caved into the weakness, always slow, always alone, mind wanders into places a good set of legs would never go, fingers imagine stories,
  3. dont wriggle, sit still, cross your legs, it doesn’t hurt, always distracted, always pain, thoughts jumble, tears hot, anger grows
  4. always walking, slow but steady, mile upon mile, to the secret places, up trees laughing with kookaburras, mooing with cows, flying with swans,
  5. words trip and tumble on the page, little tales, belonging to pictures, the silk bird, pirates and seamaids, dreams of escape loneliness.

22 – in the cracks

deep in the concrete jungle,

there is a small oasis

hidden in the courtyard of aging hotel,

a forgotten service entrance,

cracked sidewalk,

seeds blown

caught in the crevice’s

dust gathered by rain,


roots growing down,

limbs shooting up,

a nest


a leaky pipe,

a small lake,

flowers bloom



the sweet nectar,

a hive,

a little jungle

that no one sees.

21 – platypus

I splash, l dive, l tumble

swimming up the cool stream

my beak digging into mud,

foraging for a yabby lunch,

I nest in my burrow,

away from the sun

I am rather adorable

unique as they come



20 – love song

my heart walks thee down by the shore

our hands barley meet as in the evening we stroll

following lines discarded by sea, shells, weeds, broken knees

I wonder why, we go so slow, in this lonely hopeless space.

the shanty’s stench flows down in rivers golden brown

to meet the waters and kill the fish,

the miasma is quite remis,

save me ,save me. from this stench

take me, take me, to the tavern,

let us drown in your poison,

in your poison, let us sink

for we are an awkward match

gifted by aristocracy, cousins

by one parent and an uncle by the other

a repulsive discourse,

making us shudder.






18 – Dear Dreamer

Dear Dreamer,

Hi come in, its okay l’m not crazy, I’m a poet, welcome to my imagination,

it is full of odd socks, a collection of bones, not a full skeleton, but close, the memory of

my first kiss wrapped in nostelgia, my parents divorce, grandpa’s hugs, the bully who

made me fierce, the sound of the ocean tangled in a storm, kookaburras laugh, tall grasses

the bsmellof eucalypts after the rain, words half written, forgotten and lost, come in

and explore me, the last great unkown,




17 – l go on

l gaze into the red hot sun

wishing to be by your side

my eyes forced closed

light flickers behind my lids

a rainbow bouquet in your hair

my lips move into a gentle smile

my eyes remain dry

l will always miss you

but l can go on now

a new life, isn’t what l wanted

but it is what,l  have to live.


16 – metamorphosis

the land was quiet, in the sense that no man made noise,

erupted from within, only the footfall of one small child, with

the voice of bird, yet no feathers adorned her bony arms,

she searched for a nest close to the ground, for the song

of aliens, that echoed in her veins, she returned over and over to

her lonely cocoon, woven from dry grass and mud, and the shards

of her egg.

15 – the beginging

the beginning grew, a scar opening from a time before

a mumble tasting the fresh dark, growing into a song

flew through time, seeding it with stars

Hungry, the stars fight, cannibalizing each other

until they are so bright and full they become suns,

the crumbs join to become planets,

the song looses her voice and sleeps quietly

in the sky, a lonely darkness, searching for her melody.

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