Words (Hour 12)

Words spoken never erased,

Leaving a sweet or poisonous taste.

Words typed in haste, need to have pause.

Writing in anger, ’tis not a good cause.

Reading words which make you wish,

You could wash your brain in a dish.

Watch warily where your eye go,

Whether words will haunt you,

It’s hard to know.

Dear Me (Prompt 14, Hour 11)

Look around at who is with you,

Worry less about those who are not there.

Your tribe may be different than you thought,

But they are the ones who care.


Stop being a porcupine, using your quills to keep people away,

Changing is important, if you want better days.


Bad Date (Prompt 13, Hour 10)

The moonbeams danced with the fog,

Giving the boat dock a haunted look.

Nervous laughter broke the hush of the night.

The girl looked at her date and whispered,

“I have to pee.”


He snickered.  “TP’s on the shelf in the shed.

Pee behind the fir over yonder.”

He gestured to the right of the shed,

where old concrete blocks stacked up against the fir.


She dropped the canteen of coffee at his feet,

Muttering to herself, “Damn girl, never again.”

The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe (Prompt 11, Hour 9)

The neighborhood was older, when the newlyweds moved in,

There was an age difference with the children,

When the young family did begin.

The land of make believe, became a refuge to pretend.

The adventures in Narnia was a gift quite heaven sent.


A brother and a sister, reading about siblings that were four,

Though they squabbled and had hardships,

They found strength not found before.

Lucy, Edmund, Susan, and Peter faced hardships,

More than they dreamed were true.

Learning of Aslan they found themselves,

Though their trials they really grew.


Not a wardrobe in the house, a few closets failed the test,

No door to Narnia found, though their imaginations were the best.




Prompt 10, Hour 8

The orange tabby kittens were found together.

Brothers of other mothers, bonded yet the same.

A package deal for adoption, they came home.


She was one of three remaining in the litter.

Wrinkled, wriggling, wrestling with her siblings.

She was smaller, then she grew.


Separate species, super siblings.  Four footed family.

Prompt 9, Hour 7

Tears rolled down my cheeks,

My car backed out of the drive.

A deep breathe as I waved good-bye.

My first house as an adult,

Leaving it behind.

All I knew was behind me as I shifted into drive.

My car full of boxes, things I forgot for the movers to take.

My tears flowed for quite a while, fearing a mistake.



The Bathroom (Hour 6)

One cat is on the toilet,

The other cat is in the sink.

The dog whines wanting to play.

The floor is hard.

The toilet bowl is cold.

The odor from the litter box permeates the room.

The storm rages outside.

We wait.

The warning lifts.

The door opens and we are free at last.

The Garden (hour 5)

The lavender stretched to catch the sun rays.

The sunflowers followed with their friendliest gaze,

The cucumbers grew plump on the vine,

Picked for the tasting when it was the right time.


The garden gows with patient care.

Sun, soil, water, and time, The results come to bear.


Siren Song (Hour 4)

The siren sounds its warning,

Every Saturday at noon.

Because it’s every weekend,

I hope we’re not immune.

The weather can be wicked,

Winds whipping wildly too and fro.

Hail pounding the roof and siding,

Causing worry down below.

Rain falling in sheets,

Wipers unable to stay on task,

The siren sounds its warning,

Please listen is what it asks.


Around The Room (Prompt 3 Hour 3)

The ceiling fan hums as it stirs the air.

The carpet soft to my bare feet,

The linoleum cool, where my toes meet.

The sunlight brightens the room,

Giving hint of the warm day.

The cats are snuggled together,

Resting from play.

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