The Waters Call

The waters call to him,
No matter where he goes.
He longs for the beauty,
The waters gentle flow.

The waters call to him,
The love his sons do share.
They spend time on the water together,
Laughing without care.

The waters call to him,
Lake, stream, or ocean wave.
He finds healing in the sound,
The rest his soul does crave.

The waters call to him,
No matter where he roams.
The waters call to him,
For there he finds his home.

To my cat

Dearest companion of twenty plus years,
How you make me laugh, your fur dries my tears.
From Missouri to Georgia, together we went.
You are a gift to me, you are heaven sent.
You’ve detected bugs in the house and a dishwasher leak,
Your meows are often a conversation I seek.
Your purrs soothe me when I’m feeling sad,
You know all my secrets, the happy, the bad.
My first four legged child, all of my own,
When you are with me, you make it a home.

Stories Entwined

A new chapter began,
as I sought my way,
To return back home,
or to plant roots and stay.

Our stories entwined,
I did not expect you.
Your kindness mended my heart,
which had been broken in two.

You took the time to see me,
You took the time to care,
You saw through the laughter,
You saw the tears which were there.

You’ve encouraged me to dream,
You’ve inspired me to write.
You’ve made a difference to my story,
I know it will be all right.