Hour 24: Window

The windows of my heart
that peeps into reality
wiping off the mud
got stuck with time.

The window to my longing desire
to jump and dance
seeing the birds chirping
and dirty glance of the rainbow

the window of my yearning love
waiting for the day to come
to be loved
the way these
love birds show their prance

Coyright Snigdha

Hour 23: Missing the Rain

The sight of raindrops soothes the nerves,
like the blissful smile of someone dear.
The petrichor of soaking pain down the earth,
To the parched and dead.
The feel of droplets pounding the bare skin,
Some bouncing back,
like the goodbyes of dear ones.
Some missing the hit,
like the unrequited love.
The sound of dropping rain, the first to greet.
Deferring the first sip of coffee,
Punctuating a book left open.
Evoking senses so heartfelt.
A sensation that yearns for more,
A thirst that satiates one and all.
Cleansing every part of body and soul.
It is a sustenance, a need of the hour.
How I miss the drizzles and downpours,
Like the love at first sight,
of a love so deep-dyed.


Hour 22 Phrases

The art is nothing
but a piece of life
of beauty and love
The curves with the support
remind me of you soothing
touch yearning
for more.


Hour 21 Rain

Like the raindrops pounding the bare skin,
Some bouncing back,
like the goodbyes of dear ones.
Some missing the hit,
like the unrequited love.


Hour 20 Nature

I can walk around indoors,
I can tread on the treadmill,
I can tangle through jumping ropes,
But I would miss the breeze brushing my face,
When the earth beneath and cushioned feet,
Jostles me to take another step,
To run past leaving everything behind.
When the giant moving tree in the distant horizon,
Is envisioned as a milestone.
When the blossomed lotus,
Leaves behind reminiscence of all things positive.

Hour 19 Infinite space

Traversing from earth to
my favourite planet
with rings
I got stuck or pulled
by a planet in between
I know not what
Begging to let me loose
back to earth
as it knew the only earth.

Copyright © Snigdha

Hour 18 Siesta

Wide awake after
evening siesta
yet gloomy
of not being entitled
enough sleep
to be greeted
by a cup full
of Tea
plucked by finest tea leaves
of Kenya
gifted by my loved aunt.
Tea isn’t a refreshment
but a celebration
in office and no less at home
where the evening get together
is just an excuse.

Copyright © Snigdha

Hour 17 Loss of Time

Loss of time
is killing the fine
line between sanity
and restlessness
between you and me
a gap to bridged
With every passing time
the gap widens
with bridge
extending its strength.
Should I skip to run
to the pace of time
waiting for it
in a distant line.

Copyright © Snigdha

Hour 16 Emma

Emma the first character
I couldn’t help but fall in love
It was amidst the
first time I couldn’t
help but fall in love
held by the elegance of
the character of Emma
to be loving yet possessed
with inner grit and esteem
To have time for myself
and not let others dictate
what Is wanted of myself
each encounter with Emma’s
held my breath expecting love for her
as I did from myself
but as the pages flipped
I learnt to wait
for the moment
right and perfect.

Copyright © Snigdha

Hour 15 My belief

What I believe might not be agreed
even though I agree more
I might cross a path
transversed by a cat
waiting for luck
to avenge its vice
but to my joy
I met happiness
on the way
in the form of
cherry blossoms
and dried autumn leaves

Copyright © Snigdha

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