And Roti always plays alone
Always at the edge of the playground
She amuses herself
Other kids stay away from her
Her involuntary body movements scare them
And even her elementary school teachers
Roti wishes they could play with her
As it is no fun to be alone
She sees them giggling and having so much fun at the playground
The fun and camaraderie she has been denied
Because she cannot control the movement of her limbs
And Roti always play alone

Soupy mix

And I bring the sauce
The salt
And the spice
To the soupy mix you call life
Heck! your life would be meaningless
Without me

Excite me

Excite me!

Do you have what it takes to excite me?
Can you make my body pump out large jugs of adrenaline
Can you make my heart skip a beat
Nay, skip several beats
Can you make me juggle from one foot to the other in barely repressed, deep seated excitement
Can you make me laugh genuinely and wholeheartedly
Can you make me so very carefree
That I forget my name and hay
Can you make me give you several mischievous grins
Can you….excite me?


And severally
I try to reach for the phone
To call you
But, I am unsure of your reception
The few times I had called you
Your voice, your tone screamed cold indifference
But the urge to call rests strong upon me
No matter how much I struggle to repress it
Subconsciously, I reach again for the phone, hating myself and maybe, you
I check out your number
And peer at your face which you’ve used as your display picture
I tell myself….you’re not worth the trouble
And chant it several times
And then I let my phone lie
But, my hand subconsciously reaches for it, again

When yoi say you love me

And when you say you love me
I cannot hold still
It is like holding the largest bag of candy
Akin to winning a jackpot
The biggest of all jackpots
And when you say you love me
You make my dreams come true
And bring life to my life

The land is green

And the land holds promise
A whole new landscape of what can be
What should be
And the land is green
When it is yet uncultivated
Fresh, open to new ideas and ideals
And the land is green
A virgin land like no other
And the land is green
Freshly ploughed, smelling of sweet, soft upturned soil
The land is green


And I wonder at those whispered confidences
Now that the chord which binds us is torn forever
Will the confidences…the many secrets be torn, forever, too?


The red moon
Shinning upon the red house
From the red window in the red house
Looking into the red room
The red room leading unto
The red hallway
And the red hallway
Leads unto the red door
Which opens unto the red porch
And from the red porch
The red forest
Ending in the red river

No disparity

And there is no disparity betwist us
We are many divergent colours
That form a very convergent rainbow

In between

And I would start from your lips
Descend unto your throat
Your chest
And then your belly
And everything apart
And everything in between

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