Big Red

Big Red

squeeze it,

bite it,

savor it,

cut it,

fry it,

season it

juices dripping

sticky lips, face and hands

slurp it

drink it

take it in

By: KMH 2015

The Road Not Taken

The road not taken,

is one of the great tragedies in life;

our lives,

bound by duty,

living hard, as the years go by

Sometimes we stop to think that we should take that road,

and suddenly the current comes

there again,

away we go

Life tugs and pulls at us

blocking our visibility

More time goes by

and finally

you are hit again with

the memory

but you move on

down more familiar paths

Until one day, you finally realize

that it is far too late

and the reminders and memories

turn to regrets,

you mourn, and weep, for the road not taken

By: KMH 2015


it pains me

to think

how you play games

to move me

that your words are meant hurt

you’re only twisting

your brain

and adding to your own pain

when you realize

the things you have done

it is a learned behavior

like words committed to paper;

something you do from time to time

I see you coming

silently watching

as all of this runs through my brain

I stand here

and I know

you will never move me again

By: KMH 2015


on all fours

running about

faithful and trusty friend,

devoted and protective

great life companion

bringing smiles

to those with whom he shares his life

looking out

until his house mate returns

that is how he lives his life

By: KMH 2015

Autobiography of a Face

my face is a map

of triumph, tears, sorrow and pain;

the lines,

the path of my life;

a road

winding, turning, twisting

and taking me back home again;

my eyes filled with images

of a life well lived


to the autobiography

of my face

By: KMH 2015


the strangers decided to meet on a hot and dry day

he arrived first and was standing there looking over the blue ocean waves

she had not arrived and was late

and he was filled with frustration

thinking about life and his fears


she arrived and they decided to go to the cafe on that late day

they were perfect strangers,

and felt like they were the only people in the universe

she reassured him that her lateness was not because she felt confused


she was quite clear

and quite tired of her life of solitude

her empty life

which only made her feel out of control

and tired of perpetuating a falsehood


after a few hours they embraced

tasted the salt on each others lips

and her smell reminded him of ripe and sweet black berries


they sat there smelling the rain

on that elevated cliff

where that café was situated

watching the sails on the ships fly


By: KMH 2015





blue ocean, universe, black berries, salt, fingers, ocean waves, life, solitude, magnified, empty, reassured, life, falsehood, frustration, newness, late day, embrace, situated, thunder, rain, cliff, elevated, confused, fear, confusion, lifting, flying, floating, dry, heat, confused, up ahead, out of control



as flawed human beings

finding our own way, and struggling to truly be free;

we constantly search

for an answer;


 to know,

what we need;

 what does it all mean

what we need

is civility

amongst one another

and the whole of society

to walk with each other

sisters and brothers

to be free

  we then focus less on what we need

to reach a hand and touch a soul

to help calm our nerves

to sharpen our focus

as we stop asking what we need

we are no longer concerned,

we are no longer in search,

of what we need

because we are free

By: KMH 2015



most vain

a mere reflection without any warmth, feeling or regard

cold, sharp, clear, unforgiving

attention seeking

never seizing

witness of the beauty, tenderness, anger, and sorrow of each heart

 large and rotund you hang there each and every day

when I leave, you seem to tease, beseeching me to stay

for a while longer at least…

and when the sun shines brightly, you force me to cover my eyes

it is part of your nature, not to care, should I happen to go blind

other times you are so revealing that I must look away

you show my insecurities and weaknesses

you embarrass me too much, to want to stay

but each day, I leave you there

a silent witness to my life

cold, sharp, clear and unforgiving

from you, I cannot hide

By: KMH 2015

Little Rock, With Green Moss and Googly Eyes


one shouldn’t throw little rocks, with green moss and googly eyes, at others

just because they don’t also have rocks

just like one shouldn’t throw little rocks, with green moss and goggly eyes

when others cannot

there is a moral and a lesson to be learned;

when you are lucky enough to own a little rock

with green moss and googly eyes,

 hold on to it,

 put it on the table

and contemplate about how very lucky you are

By: 2015 KMH

Into the Kyoto Night

they see me, and yet; I am invisible

to be pulled, stretched, and used

like a worn but beautiful canvas

each new day, the same ritual

tucked, painted, squeezed,

but that is the way.

I am to serve, and to hold court.

I push my spirit and hide it deep within

so it cannot see

what lies before me,

but that is the way.

I repeat the rituals day after day

in preparation,

because that is the way.

Before each night falls, I ready myself.

I wash, I dress, and I shuffle into the night

because that is the way.

By: KMH 2015