Land of Perfection


Back in the days, before the injection, life was not like it is today

people spent their time at labor

often with little rest,

then they found the perfect serum

and here we are,

look at us,

living here

We spend our days at the coliseum

watching them rip each other; from ear to ear

Before the injection and the time of Perfection

we had to watch them suffer

it was all their doing, and their choice

But now all is well in the Land of Perfection

Lie back

inject the serum

you don’t want those cracks to show…

By: KMH 2015

Mr. and Ms. Busybody Go Fishing

Mr. and Ms. Busybody are always standing by,

listening and fishing,

 is how they spend their life

Mr. and Ms. Busybody standing by Gossip Lake

fishing all day, and all night

 no matter what it takes

Mr. and Ms. Busybody have nothing else to do

they love to fish

they love to catch

and love to stir their stew

Mr. and Ms. Busybody are really rather sad


has been the best time, they have ever had

by KMH 2015

Last Dance

                                                   they danced like they had never danced before

                                                 with joy in their hearts and tears in their eyes

                                              while whispering and holding hands

                                               under dim lit street lights and soft moonlight

                                                they always knew how it would need to be

                                                 from the very first day they met

                                              he; drinking coffee

                                                 and she; searching for a ‘Treasure Island’ copy

                                       the truth was that he was walking by on that rainy day

                                       he was drawn in when he saw her

                                              and this was their last night together

                                         she shut her eyes to burn this memory into her heart

                                         she could keep this one thing forever

                                      even if they would forever be apart

                                   they continued on, to their favorite after hours spot

                                       and they continued their dance

                                    with broken hearts

                                   then came the morning and the realization

                                     that life has to be lived

                                    life has to go on

                                         and when faced with the choice

                                     sometimes you have to risk it all

                                   they stepped in the sunlight

                                     “good morning”, he said

                                    then they walked off together in the same direction

                                     because they chose love

                                By: KMH 2015

Violent Submersion

violent submersion

eyes wide and arms outstretched

in the midst of thrashing and trying to catch your breath

a clear vision

an agonizing realization

you played a part

and refused to see this is how it would end

it happened slowly and played itself out

as you looked away

and here you are

taking your last breath

do you choose to fade away

or to fight for a life half lived

By: KMH 2015

I’m a life long writer, but life always gets in the way…

For the moment, I’m living in El Paso. In the past, I have resided in Mexico, Japan, Germany, Spain, and all over the US. My hope is that this marathon helps me get back to writing. I am a professional interpreter and translator, who has too many interests to fit into one page. Best of luck to everyone!