Saturday Dawn

Saturday dawn

he’s calling time,

coffee to brew

my heavy eyelids.

The cat knocks it down

they run through the hall,

it pierces through me

Saturday dawn.

Eggs in the pan

srambled not bad,

why does he cry?

no school today.

Cleaning perhaps;

feeding the cats,

pampers for him

its nothing new.

Odors that faint

litter to change,

running he sreeched

Saturday dawn.






Her Facade

Behind her smile

no one can see,

the sadness that’s hers

when she takes her leave.

The eyes that look dim

despite how they shine.

she’ll cover her face

they think she just whines.

Her smile may seem bright

but tears have shone through,

they overlook

her feeling blue.


He had a house

or did he rent?

I wasn’t sure

kept in the dark.

Elusive him,

married he was

he wasn’t clear

he had me wait.

White Castle here

his wife so near

he had me wait

with coffee in hand.

Frustration came

doubts remained,

he had a wife

promise he made.


He’ll never Go

The apartment is dim

our voices echo,

from years we lived here

memories dwell.

Mama don’t cry

it breaks my heart

His presence is here

he’ll never go.


Let the years fall

touch his guitars,

children again;

our voices from far.

Hearing us still

memories near

he’ll never go.


Our Night

Behind the jeep we stood

the moon is out tonight,

it shines down on the lake;

the stars surround so bright.

Will you spare a kiss?

I know that you won’t miss,

perhaps we need to move

don’t leave me here to wish.


Now you walk ahead

you pause in all your glory,

as you stare at me

I hope that you’re not sorry.

It doesn’t seem that way

as you take my hand,

now we rush ahead

our night is full of plans.




The Eyes That Pierce

How can he look? A picture that speaks

his eyes are intense, they do speak to me,

the eyes pierce at me; intense look they have

intense as the friendship we’ve shared.


Comfort they give, the piercing brown eyes

he’ll listen to me,

he won’t sugarcoat, perhaps that’s what helps

there’s no cliche; in what he says.


His friendship is real, he is the real deal


from pictures you stare

yet somehow you’re there,

your piercing look; and your caring stare.






Night after night

she wanders awake,

she loves the black skies

the stars seem to wait.

She may need her rest

but she wakes up then,

the night is her friend,

she wants to hide then.

Insomniac she’s called

when they see the worse,

but she doesn’t care,

for they won’t think more

She’ll never change;

no matter what,

it’s their belief

but it’s not all true.

She loves the night

it understands,

they love the dark,

they are best friends.





The Long Boardwalk

I can’t say I know him, but the boardwalk looks inviting

I could see us walking, maybe even talking,

watching him for years, so handsome from afar

his hazel eyes to gaze in so dreamy near and far.

It’s better I don’t meet him, so I can dream of him;

I walk now through the boardwalk, alone with thoughts of him.

Look at those great mountains, in awe I’m just awe struck,

the wind blows through my hair, I think of his dark hair

boardwalk quite so long, time to just keep walking

so I can dream awake, for him I’ll just keep longing.




School Days

My thoughts of yesterday

constricting stomach pains,

the laughing echoes on

the teasing closes in.

teachers that looked on

they won’t intervene;

you’re left to feel alone

with bullies all have seen.

I wish I could forget

when tears are trapped within.

when memories still hurt

and bullies caused that pain.




The Glue

He kept us together

we could talk to him,

I’ve needed him now

I needed him then.

This cruel disease

it stole him from me,

for so many years

strict as can be.

The drinking could hurt

it caused Mom to cry,

but we still loved him

why God why him?

Good Dad he was

we still need him,

though he’s still here

the disease has claimed him.