Eyes Fixed

Eyes fixed left and right

how will I sleep on?

Watching me, making rules

How my nights are long.

Hiding in my room

scared to even think,

Eyes all cast on me

they don’t even blink.

Eyes all fixed on me

scrutinizing all,

knowing what I do;

backed against the wall.

Eyes that look my way

How long will they stare?

Watching me, talking much

Some may even glare.

Wasted Years

The years of waste, and tears of haste, I struggle on to keep the pace. Where are my friends? I thought they cared, to hear from one has been quite rare. Looking back at wasted years, they hurt so much I drown in tears. With crushed dreams here, and chances lost, mistakes I made at such a cost. Reduced to watch what people have, I cry and wish for what I had. Worse than I thought, perhaps it’s so, caught up in time that moved so slow. Crushed heart, alone in its drought, who understands how strong is my doubt? With pain of regret, of all the failed tests, I still must stay strong to face what comes next.

Dear Diary

Dear Diary,

what do you sense?

What have you read?

Am I intense?

Here day to day

where things hardly change

Ready to write

And it’s all the same.


Dear Diary

my faithful good book,

where secrets are kept

and nobody looks.

When loneliness hits

I grab my good pen

to share all my thoughts;

my book you’re my friend.


Dear Diary

what can I say?

When life doesn’t change,

you never complain.

With you I can cry

for you’d never judge

And if I laugh

you won’t hold a grudge.




A Friend

Scared to reach out

I hate to go bother,

He feels the same way

we’re both left to ponder.

It’s hard to explain

his friendship is special,

how can we burden?

Perhaps its all mental.

Friends we still are

we complicate matters,

assuming those things

so feelings are tattered.

His friendship is real

the care is consistent,

though sometimes we hide

and we can be distant.

A friend understands

he’ll always stand by,

to patiently wait

He won’t say goodbye.

A Strange Kind of Loneliness

A strange kind of loneliness

I feel around each day,

For no one sees my tears

They don’t feel my pain.

The moon and stars look down

If only they could talk,

They seem to understand

I feel that as I walk.

A strange kind of loneliness

when everyone’s around,

Somehow feeling that

when words don’t make a sound.

A strange kind of loneliness

wish you can relate,

Please don’t let me down

For it can’t be too late.



Country boy and City Girl

Country boy is nice, city girl is unsure

unsure of herself, but country boy is her cure.

His friendship keepsĀ  her glued; though he’s in despair

but city girl is there, for she always will care.


Country boy is there, when city girl has cried

scared of life she is, not sure she should try,

Country boy assures that she’s not alone

He offers comfort, and then he sends a song.


Country boy city girl how they understand

somehow they reach out and help each other stand,

Sharing in a blog; talking when there’s need

How much they have cared; their solace when they bleed.



Sleep elusive sleep

Sleep eludes me now

it wants no part of me

If I can close my eyes

Oh sleep why can’t you see?


Hours pass each night

while sleep fades away,

Never mind the time

I walk now in a daze.


Sleep eludes me now

Now it laughs at me,

Darkness all around

Oh sleep come give me peace.


Chilly night outside

A perfect one for sleep,

Don’t elude me now

Let me dream so deep.


Mirror in the Mind

Mirrors in my mind

won’t let me forget,

Prisoner inside

filled with much regret.


Mirrors in my mind

hostile with their words,

wounding me inside

Emotions now have stirred.


Will it ever stop?

images please blur,

Mirrors that reflect

the pain that had occurred.


Mirrors in my mind

Heartlessly confined,

They can’t understand

the guilt that has been mine.


Cruelly locked within

Staring through these bars,

Everything I love

is now very far.


Mirrors in my mind

don’t let me look back,

Somehow wipe my tears

show me what I lack.









Hello everyone. My name is Ana M. Torres. I was born in New York City on November 2, 1970. I was raised in the projects of East New York Brooklyn with my parents, and two sisters, and four brothers. I have always loved writing. I still have the fond memory of writing a winter poem in the fifth grade that was chosen as one of the four best in the class. I still remember the first diary my mom gave me for my birthday.

In 2011 I self published my first novel Love Child, and I have two sequels since. I also self published Shadowed Tears my first effort at a small poetry book. As of now I plan to take part of the half day marathon poem, and I really look forward to it. Not only is it challenging, but its a great opportunity to meet new people, and its also a great way to show my work. I am very grateful for the event, I wish luck to everyone who’s participating. I also look forward to reading so many different poems as well. I’ve been warming up for this event by reading some of my earlier poems, and the poems of my favorite poets like Sylvia Plath. Even reading a favorite novel is enough to help with inspiration.

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