Nan warned us about it

she told us we should only think of clothes whenever we opened it

Or we would be taken to whatever was on our minds

We believed it to be a fairytale, but we followed her advise nonetheless should there be a possibility it became true

we shared this mystery with all who visited

it became somewhat of a family tale

some wove stories of what may happen if the advise was not adhered to

some secretly laughed for we couldn’t laugh in the face of the family matriarch

or display disrespect before others

Sam was one who did not care about warnings, lores or fables

he saw himself as an independent mind

one not easily swayed by the ramblings of an aged woman

He tried his luck that thanksgiving,

announced he would like to see a jungle

He opened the closet and stepped in

we all gasped at the sound of a lion when the door shut behind him

As we picked up our coats to leave

silence showered the room but no one dare speak of Sam who disappeared into thin air

goodnight Nan, thanks for having us over for thanksgiving

Banana Peel


Some will call it disposable



Something that should be discarded

Au contraire

If you know what it really is

It’s power,

It’s essence

It’s ability to bring forth life

To other plants

To the soil

Nutrients and vitality

Strength and vigor

The tomato tree grows

Banana peel

See the life it brings



What is love when your love is gone?

She rolled over to the left side of the bed, hoping to feel the warmth of her love, her lover, her soulmate,

She felt empty, a cold shiver touched her heart,

Overwhelmed by the dark shadow of longing for the love that left too soon,

What would she do with this love, that laid buried within her soul,

Another lover could not compare,

Loving the poodle only provided temporary relief,

The love of friends and family did not underwhelm this love,

It only made the love grow until a new soul was brought forth,

to face the world anew,

Not a replacement but one that she would love, with the love within her soul

Road Trip

We left the carport

Headed to the bayou

Your elbow leaning out the car window

Looking so cool in that jacket

My heart tremors at the sight of you

Watch out for that elk

We have to make it safe to the bayou

We’ll have some of that fried chicken in the bucket

Desert Fire

I have lit the fire

can you see me through the stars?

I see you in my minds eye

You’re humanoid form

With a side of martian tentacles

I have lit the fire

Tell me you see me

Ten Years

It was a promise made,

between two friends,

one sat on a swing and the other pushed

up and down she went, tears rolling down her eyes

He promised he would be strong, he would not cry, because he was a big boy,

They remained in silence,

Their minds consumed by what the future held

The world as they know it, was being broken broken apart,

They were inseparable since they were 4 and 5

Seven years of friendship, they would now face the test of all friendships,

A horn honked in the distance, they both know their  dreaded fate,

It was there they made the promise, that when they were old enough,

They would meet again, they would count the years to ten,

She jumped off the swing, and they embraced hoping time would stand still,

A second car honk was heard in the distance

She pulled away, tears in her eyes,

she walked towards the car,

The tear held back, fell from his eyes

As he stood by the swing waiting

He counted the years to ten

And from the horizon he saw a form in the distance

Nothing over the end

I am quivering in fear

I am close to the end of the earth and I do not know what lays ahead

The arid desert land is flat

There is nothing beyond the tan sand that stretches across the horizon

I walk closer and closer to the end but yet the end continues without end

Let’s Go For A Ride

Daddy’s home, daddy’s home

He’s back from a day of work

Places his jacket on the chair

Some books and flowers too

He picked them on the way home

Forgot mom went to sleep and didn’t get up

After dinner, grandma will leave,

She would’ve already put daddy’s work things away

He will give me a ride on the chair,

All around the room, until I get tired

Mom is gone and there are boxes everywhere

We just have this chair

It was all that was left after the fire

The fire that made mommy sleep and never wake up

Iced Water

Have a seat

What would you like?

Iced water? Iced tea? Ice cream?

Do you have hot chocolate

It is warmth I seek


I’m gonna be chillin

Melting under the sun

Say what?

You don’t care

ok then, let me be

I’m gonna be chillin


Being me

under the sun