Sun ready to retire,
Mountains ready to get dark
White clouds ready to switch
Between the dark ones
All ready to welcome the queen
The Mighty Night.

It’s dripping a little,
Not enough to use an umbrella
But to walk through sidewalks
That led to the mountains
And it’s a little foggy too
To give you a cozy warmth.

Far beyond, a tall mountain stood
Proud and great,
Looking at everyone
Like a great king
Watching over his subjects
Top of which is covered in thin mist.

And here I am,
Sitting on my bed,
Writing poems after poems,
Smiling to myself,
Wanting to freeze time
And live in these poems forever.

#23. VOID

You can miss things
Those were never yours
Like I miss hugging you.

You can miss places
You have never been
Like I miss my home.

You can miss people
You haven’t even met
Like I miss my parents.

#22. A LADY

She stood there,
Holding on the table beside
A beautiful lady in black gown
That flowed along her
A hand holding them close
And straps over shoulders
Bare shoulders and neck
Spoke of flawlessness and elegance
With her hair in an updo
And a melancholic look
She stared at a distance.


“See that bone in living room?
Your great grandfather was a sailor,
Once he killed a blue whale with bare hands,
Him and his crew ate it.
They are men who sail, strong
Even iron will digest
And brought that bone home.
I’ll tell you the whole story,
Don’t you worry dear ones
Grandfather was sailing from East.
He had 20 men on his crew,
And a magnificent ship.
They were in the mid sea
And suddenly this huge whale came
To destroy and ate them all
Grandpa jumped to its top
Killed it in less than 30 seconds
A reckless man, but great.
He used to go to wars alone.
He has defeated so many pirates
And you want to know something?
He hid a huge treasure
And left clues for his predecessors.
Finally he died in a war,
After defeating thousands of men alone
That too, they killed him cheating
Stabbed him in the back”
Grandma finished her story
And slowly went to sleep,
Her usual afternoon nap.


Those were folded mountains,
It was drizzling and foggy,
They sat on a hill top,
Uploading selfies in Instagram.

As the sky cleared and sun came
They got up to explore
Other places with good view
So that they may get more likes

The sun was about to set,
Birds busy to reach home,
Somewhere in the valley
A river sparkled

“How was the picnic?
Is the place good?”
“There place is amazing
There’s good internet connection”

“Oh! Good, we were planning
To go there next weekend.
Do you know the way?”
“Google maps”

“Thank you,
The Instagram photos were good”
“Thank you and have a nice time”
Read the WhatsApp chat.


Last Friday, I went to see planets,
To chat to Stars and have coffee with comets,
I went alone floating through the ether.

With planets, it was fun
I played with their moons
All without the sun knowing
Got a glimpse of Pluto,
He didn’t come near me,
Went through some other paths.
A merry meeting it was.

The stars, they were sad, as usual
Sad but, didn’t complain
Poor beings were lonely and lost
Sat with some of them, I did
They told stories of black and white
And giants and dwarfs
Always a memorable one it is

Saw Comets and Asteroids and Meteors
The tour through space was great
They introduced others I never knew about
We saw galaxies together
Had coffee from milky way
Fearing the rage of Black holes,
Didn’t go near them.

A day well spent
So much to see and know
Anyone want to come next time?


It was a winter afternoon,
I sat alone at my usual table,
A table for two at the corner,
Sipping my latte and reading.
In came a stranger,
Strangers are rare in our village, you see,
Everyone knows every other one,
Hanging his coat on the stand,
He got something, espresso, I think,
And sat opposite to me,
A young man of about 25,
We talked about whether,
Books, poems, and music.
We shared passion and dreams,
Beside the table for two.
It’s been twenty-seven years since,
He never left, not even once,
But, there are no strangers in our country,
Maybe that’s why they call me schizophrenic,
May be I am one,
Maybe one end is still empty.

#17. LOSS

It’s been a year and a half,
Since I lost them, my window to the world,
It’s all a monochrome now,
You will understand bitter only if you know sweet,
I was someone saw colors,
Someone who tried to feel them,
I was a painter; I was in love with colors,
This is a cliché love story,
Which is broken because of blindness
It all happened with an accident,
In which I lost her forever.
It’s even kind of funny afterward,
There’s nothing in front,
And you realize, those places,
Which you thought you knew well,
They are not what you think,
Now I’m learning,
How to love her without seeing,
Now she lives in my mind,
But sometimes, when rain decides,
To bring with him a rainbow,
Something does ache somewhere.


It’s all over, we are free, they said.
Some forevers did come to an end,
Some others created as well,
Which I know will never see end,
Some fires will never go out,
Some embers will always remain,
There are Primroses everywhere,
Always blooming, always caring,
There is Snow everywhere,
Covering everything, smiling cruelly,
But you will never know,
When trust becomes a mere word,
Coins rule over the word.
It’s not the Snow you should beware,
But the frost wind which will blind you.
You will never win,
In wars, no one wins
No war will end,
There’s always war after war
Which will happen inside you,
While bullets kill you from outside
This one kills you from inside
And is much worse.
It’s all over, we are free, are we?


Do you remember him?
The traveler who went in search of dragons
Heard he found one
Deep inside the forest
And tamed it as well
The dragon is bigger
Than the western mountain
And it has golden eyes
Have you heard that
It has shining dark blue scales
That can glow like diamond
In light and dark as well
Said they’ll come here
Him riding that giant beast
See, I told you these are not myths
You never believed
Now that you can see for yourself
I’m afraid someone will harm it
Out of jealousy or fear
I hope people will understand
Oh, I can’t wait to see them.

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