Beware of what raps at your door at 3 am

” Beware of what raps at your door at 3 am”

Wicked 3 am is here,

What unearthly , nightmarish beings

Will rap upon my door?

Ghosts of yesterday

Linger and mingle,

Whispering, growling, howling,

Making their presence known.

Morning is nowhere near sight.

For 3 am is the hour of the witch,

Black magic, white magic,

it is no matter,

Malicious, nefarious demons with seven names,

Are conjured at 3 am.

Beware of who will rap at your door at 3 am.



Grumpy man, go away

Grump, grump,

Shush now you are spoiling the mood.

Grump, grump,

Your negative attitude does not become you.

It is quite bothersome to say the least.

Yet, you will not win this time!

Oh do please be quiet,

So I can think and write,

No wonder I accomplish so little,

Grump, grump

Just go away and leave me to my words,

Why yes my dear I am well aware it is one o’clock in the morning!

Go to bed,

Leave me where I am happy,

This is where I am free to be me.

Take your grumpiness and go out of my zone,

Before I throttle you with a single utterance,

I did not stutter take your grumpy self and begone.



Midnight is upon us,

Nothing is as it seems,

No one is who they appear to be,

Masks of deception.

Faceless strangers move stealthy under the dark cover of night.

The bright lit moon of the midnight hour is the only light.

Words as sharp as daggers pierce the hollow of the darkness.

Drip, drop

Life dwindles away.

Ah, but this midnight has become so scary, so dismal, so dreary.

Pity upon myself,

As I am alone in this gloom,

As my life’s blood has been splattered.

How I long to be someone else,

I loathe this midnight hour.

The dreadful strangers in the blackness,

Creep and crawl,

Getting much closer now,

I am disillusioned no longer,

I can be fierce no longer,

In this devilish midnight hour.

A Maddening Love

  “A Maddening Love”

What can I say?

What may I do for you?

Name it, it is yours.

For I am no more than a slave,

A tramp, a handmaiden, a lover,

A whore, a bitch, a mother, a friend, and a soul mate.

Whatever you want me to be.

However, I can no longer stand the slander.

Each word uttered tears at my heart,

Rips me to pieces.

Realization whips me across the face,

Something is amiss.

Memories whiz through my mind,

Too many drugs,

Addiction, affliction,

Twisted, tainted,

Slanted, and warped.

It dawns on me how utterly hopeless this all is.

I am all you said and much more.

Monsters and Demons

“Monsters and Demons”

Fumbling, stumbling, 
My whole world is crumbling, 
My vision is blurring, 
My rationale is obscuring, 
My mind is racing, 
My thoughts are unclean, unspeakable 
Horrors of monsters and demons, 
My heart is pounding, my hands are shaking 
A tortured voice from within begs and pleads for the madness to end. 
God or Gods, whichever you may be, I cannot stop crying! 
Let it subside, oh please have mercy! 
The evil monster ‘depression’ is at it again, 
Consuming and devouring all whom may cross its path, 
Soon I will no longer have the strength to conquer these monsters and demons, 
What will happen then? 

Summer’s End

” Summer’s End”

Summer is at its end, this summer night has fallen.

Sadly the crickets song is silent,

For the weather has grown too cold for them too bear.

Summer where have you gone?

You came and went oh so quickly.

Soon my noisy home will be filled with silence all day.

Ever so will I miss the splendid beauty of all the flowers you bloom.

The cooler night air brings promises of winter’s icy grip.

No more fairs, no more carnivals,

No more campfires, no more shiny bright stars at night.

Yet, Summer’s end brings the Fall and all of its marvels to behold.

Poetry Marathon: My Plan

Hello everyone, I hope each of you are prepared. This is quite the literary challenge! I intend on writing each of my poems in advance and setting an alarm for every hour. Rest and nutrition are the fuel needed to make it to the end of this marathon. I wish everyone the best of luck and I cannot wait to read all of the poems that are spontaneously written!