Every day we see this color

We see grass and trees

Everything about green

Makes me happy


Green is a color I always used

In my childhood

I never knew a color

Could make me happy , or would.


Yet green is not only colors

Of nature you see

It is the color of a plant

That does wonders for me


Pills pills pills they want me to take

Every single day

It will make me better

Is what they say


I find green makes me more sane

Then pills pills pills

Green helps me from wanting to die

Or want some thrills


Green makes me happy for all reasons

It make beautiful yearly seasons

Green is a color I will always love

Thankful for all God made from above

Inside out

Inside out

Showing you all I don’t want anyone to see

I am going to tell you about me

I am sensitive and sad

I cry I get mad


I smile to take you out

Because I am dying from inside out

I have a disease a discomfort everyday

I am saying things I never thought I would say


I tried to kill myself to ease up the pain

It did not work only added more shame

It took months to see why I never died

To see why all those nights I have cried


I needed love and acceptance I thought I need it from you

As time goes on I realised it you that put me through

Doubt shame hate and pushed them on me you won

I realised trying to love you just was no fun.


I walked away and the strangest things started to open up

I all of a sudden seen this half full amazing cup

I don’t need you to love me I need to love me

I don’t need you at all I just could not see.


I let you go I started to live again even if only until bipolar knocks me down

And kicks me around

But I now know I am loved and still don’t need you

I am thankful for all that you have put me through .



Prompt 9 -spider

The spider:

She looks at me

With her beatty eyes

She is fury

She’s scared

I may step on her

I am scared

She may drop on me

She and I fear

One another

We know not

We wish no harm

To one another

We unfreeze

We move in with

Our tasks

A new found respect

For one another

Prompt 8 ~ Inspired by the Golden Shovel

The Winning Ticket

I am tired and hungry, my mother looks at me with tears

She cries trying to be strong yet she is filled with fear

She has been working two jobs trying to make it okay

She feels as though we are drowning in debt everyday

Debt , fear , scared and tears ; she wonders if we will be okay

She wants to give up with no hope for the next day

No hope that things will change for the better

No hope until she recieved a special letter

She recieved a letter with a winning ticket

She thought she would not make it just probably kick it

This ticket filled with hope and sunshine for days to come

Hope and smiles with appreciation from my mum

She has made it to a place where we would be safe again

All from the winning ticket from a very dear friend

They won some money and knew how hard she does try

Wanted her to know good of the world before anyone dies

As she has got her chance to make things new

She thanked God above for the trials she went through

Promised to do good with this money forever more

For the first time she was free like never before.



Stanza intervals. Prompt 6

Stanza 1 min;

Life is good

I smile at the sun

As I go for a run

Life is good


I am alive

I have my health

I have no wealth

I am alive


Stanza 2- 90 seconds

Movies are magical

They bring me to new worlds

They make my mind swirl

Movies are magical


In TV shows I get lost

I am brought into a new place

I can do so , from my own space

In TV shows I get lost


Stanza 3 – 2 minutes

Some times I worry

That noone love me

I am alone and cannot see

Some times I worry


Some times I worry

Where are you now

I wonder if I can make it some how

Sometimes I worry


I always worry

When my kids are involved

If they leave and forget to call

For my kids

I always worry


I always worry

When it comes to my dad

He does not love me, makes me sad

I always worry


I worry noone will love me

My dad doesn’t love me it true

He tells me and he would tell you

I worry noone will love me.



Poem 6


Remember when . Poem 5

Remember When:

Remember when we moved into the little house on the corner of the street,

Where people would walk by and some we would get to meet,

When smiling and laughing happened more than anger and crying,

When people seemed more honest and not always lying.


I remember when we were safe and sound,

Then at the safest place in the would it all around,

Evil entered where we thought we were safe,

Life went dim, the day that I was raped.


My home, my safe place , I hated it there,

Noone could see through me to know or to care ,

I had to run , the streets became home,

Noone understood why I wanted to be alone.


Running away until my legs got sore,

I got pregnant , couldn’t run anymore.

It was time to find a new place to remember when,

To watch my child grow with his little friends.


3 kids now , two adults as they say,

We have had many homes along the way,

Now we are waiting to find the last place to call home,

So everyone will have a safe place with a promise to never be alone.

Poem 4_ stanza

Stanza poem 4

A day:

A day

Simple and similar

Until my heart broke

A day

Turned sad

My heart took

A day

That never changed

It was the same

A day

I wanted to die

I cried & cried

A day

I don’t want back

A day

I had my first

Panic attack


Picture prompt


A place or feeling

To many it could be both,

We want to have serutiry

We all want to know.

Some crave to have enernity

To save cherish our lives,

Some crave it to take care

Of our children or wife’s.


There is a place called eternity

A light will show your way,

You can go in and keep to yourself

Or to people watch or even to pray.

People come to this place to loose

Themselves inside this place,

We all want that place where inside

We can let loose some way.


Eternity a place where we can

Be sure and unsure,

Thinking we know what we want

Money or a forever cure,

To help people that love us

As we love them so,

We want to know for eternity

Our families are safe as they grow.


So come with me to eternity

Follow our dreams,

Let’s go let loose

Talk quiet or scream,

Follow me to a place where

We are free,

Inside this place you can find you

And I may find me.



Yearning: Poem 2

To yearn ; the longing for

Our deepest desires to be seen,

To be accepted and loved

To have the world not mean.

Yearning and longing for love

Truth and respect,

In a world more filled

With greed and neglect.


Parents leave children

To fight on their own,

With hunger for love

To be all that they’ve


We yearn and want what

Most of us cannot get,

May it be love , honor

Even a hint of respect.


Yearning to feel passion

Love the connection to another,

May it be true love

Or a sister or brother,

We yearn for connection

In a world so big and strong,

We all want it to go right

When often it goes so wrong.



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