Heart #15

Beating and pounding, keeping me alive,

Without realization of how it helps me survive,

Taking my old blood , and making it nice and new,

It is quite amazing , of what a heart can do.


Pumping my blood, through my veins for me,

Speeds up fast, when I’m nervous you see,

My heart hurts , when someone hurts me so,

It often gives me signs, for things I need to know.


We often take for granted what our bodies can truly do,

How fast it heals after all we put it through,

Whether it is a running marathon, and get body aches,

Or a poetry marathon, and giving it all it takes.


Our heart keeps on beating, when our mind wants to quit,

It works super hard, as we work hard to get fit,

Every day our heart pumps gallons of blood,  for us to live,

A awesome factor we some times forget, our heart credit we should give.




Nature #14

Nature can be beautiful, when the mosquitos will let you be,

Lawns do look beautiful, if not filled with weeds,

Gardens give us fresh vegetables, just weed them every day,

Fresh eggs are great, just expensive to feed them chickens to lay.


Mowing the lawn two to four times a week, it’s true,

Most of the time in the heat, cause ot he morning dew,

slugs and bugs and burrs out to get me,

all apart of the lovely summer dream.


Nature is resilient will regrow in places you wouldn’t think,

You can cut it down and it will grow back while you blink,

Nature has no plans, does not follow love or hate,

Nature is mysterious, wild, brave and absolutely great.

Gone #13

I drive by places that remind me of you,

You are every where, always in view,

I cannot find you though, no matter how hard I try,

It gets worse and worse , as days go by.


I wonder if you know how bad my heart aches?

That I cry out of nowhere, from my heart breaks,

That I think I see you when random strangers walk by,

I don’t know what to do, I wanna stay sober , I try.


What if I find you, or if you show up at the door,

I get my hopes up sometimes, then I fall to the floor,

Hope is hard, but letting go would kill me fast,

You are my future, not a part of my past.


I hope you know, every night I leave the light on,

I can’t admit that your missing, I pretend that your gone,

Gone to a friends, or maybe to summer camp once again,

Atleast then I can sleep without nightmares now and then.

Moon #12

I love going to the lake and looking at the moon,

I am going to panic if I do not leave soon,

Grab the jeep along with a spare tire,

make it there at night and sit by the fire.


In the morning pull out the canopy, eat in the shade,

Enjoy every moment , before the glory fades,

Go tubing and flip , hurt my breastbone,

Here at the lake , I don’t have my phone.


Guess a cocktail or two, stay one more night,

Go back tomorrow , everything will be alright,

Enjoy the night filled with stars and the lovely moon,

Love it up since winter comes to soon.


Look at those people , stuck in this life,

Being the typical, husband or wife,

Doing as the government says, every day,

I would not do that ever, if I have it my way.


People in their houses, typical Barbie and Ken,

More like sheople, then women and men,

I don’t need a house , to know who I wanna be,

There are millions of you , and just a handful of me.


People call me crazy , not paying for a house,

Am I the crazy one? They are the cat chasing the mouse,

They will never be satisfied, buying their fancy things,

Cars, houses, clothes, boats, and expensive rings.


I had a home, it came a with wife and family too,

When she got bored, she left and we were through,

She took me for all I had, left me on the streets,

Now everyone that see’s me, turns the other cheek.



Praise #10

I took a day to mentally prepare, I walk up to you in my skirt,

I enjoy the sunlight before I climb in, to sit on the dirt,

You make me feel safe, you let me know I am cared for,

I know at the end of this journey, I will feel cleansed and more.


you show me my insecurities, to let me know not to be insecure,

You let me know if I am sick, there will always be a cure,

You help me see things I am usually blind to, I have to admit,

You make me admit things , that I would usually omit.


The sweat lodge to one , may just be a cleansing of ones self,

cleaning all the build up, of the crap we leave up on the shelf,

to others it is like church , spiritual, amazing and freeing of our soul,

maybe you need some help to open a new journey or set a new goal.


The sweat lodge is a place , I love and recommend every human to go,

I guarantee you will learn something about you, you did not know,

The sweat lodge fills you with love, bravery, and compassion,

It is everything I believe we need to come into fashion.

Boardwalk #9

Left, Right, Left, Right, each step takes me away from you,

I wanna run back, even after you put me through,

I will not, not this time, when I cross this Boardwalk, I’m free,

When I cross this Boardwalk , you have no power over me.


This is freedom, this is me growing into my own,

past here I will not go back, I will not phone,

This is where I belong, this is where I want to be,

This is my Boardwalk, this crossing is just for me.


I love the view, I love the steps I get to take,

I love the air on my face, and that my smile is not fake,

I will come here often, but never walk back there,

just to look at the path I’ve travelled, for myself I care.

Drinking and driving – phantom #8

Every day someone looses someone dear to their heart,

Mother’s loose children, Children loose parents everyday,

This is a hard fact to accept, it often tears us apart,

To many lives are not lost but taken, I hate to say.


Mother’s loose children, Children loose parents everyday,

To many people drinking and driving, lives taken real quick,

To many lives are not lost but taken, I hate to say.

So many family members mourning, it makes me sick.


To many people drinking and driving, lives taken real quick,

A family driving home, from a family vacation trip,

So many family members mourning, it makes me sick,

These poor family members died before the car flipped.


A family driving home, from a family vacation trip,

Laughing and singing, can’t wait to get home,

These poor family members died before the car flipped,

When the drunk driver , when to text on his phone.





Nature, Natural , beautiful and sweet,

As kind or vicious as anyone you will meet,

It can relax you and make you feel dreamy,

It can twist up your life and make it steamy.


Nature will not hurt you based on anything you’ve done,

Nor does it care how many awards or medals you won,

A tornado , a flood , can destroy any of us anytime,

We can not stop nature, no matter how hard we try.


nature is also nurturing, gives us shelter and food,

Shows us much love, does not try to be rude,

We must respect Nature , for it keeps us alive,

The better we take care of it, the longer we survive.