Elements . Poem 1


Every morning,

And throughout the day,

Water cleanses me,

In more than one way.

It cleanses my body of toxins,

While repleansing my skin and hair,

It hydrates my body,

Better than any liquid out there.



I walk on  the sand to feel,

Home on my feet.

Or lay on the earth

When I feel defeated,

I gaze at the sky

With winder and dreams,

Lost in wonder and life

As a human being.




The wind reminds me

I do not need something to feel it,

It cleanses the earth

While blowing through my hair a bit,

It can help when I am hot

Or even to cold,

The warm breeze feels so nice

As I grow old.



The flame or 🔥 fire

Bring us life and soul,

With no rhyme or rhythm

This element has no goal,

It does heat us

To make us feel safe,

It can burn us, heat up our food

To make us feel great.


All of the elements:

The elements of water, earth , wind


Complete our nutrition needs

And bring us desire,

Water so cleansing

Helps us cook yummy food,

Wind caresses our skin

Makes us feel nude,

The earth reminds us

We are far from alone,

Fire will always reach us more than we know.







445 Parkview Street # 23

I was going into grade one when we moved there,

My mom’s first house, she was so prepared,

A cute little corner house, white with orange trim,

Many amazing memories, some very grim.


Two small bedrooms, a bathroom, small kitchen and living room,

Perfect for a mother and daughter, Maybe a roommate too,

There was a basement , it was creepy to me as a child,

When ever I went down there, my imagination went wild.


This little corner house at 445 Parkview Street,

Helped raise me and my children, pretty neat,

Inside the walls of burgundy seen some things do down,

I can’t believe that I survived, and that house is still around.

Bipolar to me #24

Happy , Sad, Excited , Mad,

What emotion now?

Everyone is so happy,

will I survive some how?

One day I’m going to conquer,

the world and all my goals.

Next thing I know,

I am stuck in bed so low.

What is it like I wonder ?

To be like all of you?

To live each day okay,

and not wonder what to do?

To wake up and wonder if today,

will be good , bad or utterly sad.

to know that you have no clue,

That all you can do is wake up,

And hope to be the happy you.

Welcome to bipolar it is a guessing game,

Only people who understand live with the shame.




The night is for sleeping #22

The hours move fast yet slow,

it’s almost morning, did you know,

my eyes are heavy, my head falls,

my body is giving out, I grab the wall.


nodding off , here and there, officially sleepy,

don’t think it’s hit, tomorrow I may be weepy,

some times we get what we are seeking,

one thing is for sure , the night is for sleeping .

Dear Darling #21

Dear Darling I seen you with her today,

So I am writing this poem to say,

I can’t let you marry me any more ,

I love you , but I must walk out the door.


Dear Darling I am sad you had to mess this up,

yet I am good enough to wish you the best of luck,

I wish I had never met you because I am sad,

I am sorry you are another to turn out so bad.


Dear Darling I want you to know I am dying,

Please do not come to me crying,

There is nothing to be done,

I just wanted you to know Hun.


Dear Darling do not come back , okay?

I think it will be easier this way,

So take it easy and love our girl,

remember that you both are my world.

Picture this #20

Imagine if you will a fox brilliant and beautiful walking down a street,

right on a sidewalk, behind him a painted building wonderfully neat,

With trees and flowers to enhance the already stunning view,

I have more to describe , my eyes tell me that it is true,

There are two following the fox, it is quite a unique pair,

For it looks to be a blonde girl about 6, with a large black bear,

All three walk with confidence and a sense of pride,

It is a amazing view to see, they all have a stride,

The little girl with the bear wears red and looks like Goldilocks,

Everyone looks like they have a sense of purpose especially the fox.

Broken heart#17

Broken heart may you heal,

from this endless pain,

Broken heart may you heal,

from this awful shame.

Broken heart may you heal,

so I can breathe again.

Broken heart may you heal,

from the hurt of your friend.


Broken heart I know you hurt,

You were two peas in a pod,

Broken heart I know you hurt,

You wonder if all friends are frauds,

Broken heart I know you hurt,

they say the first time is the worst,

Broken heart I know you hurt,

It is so bad you think you will burst.


Broken heart it is time to heal,

I know you think you can not,

Broken heart it is time to heal,

No one doubts it hurt a lot ,

Broken heart it is time to heal,

For there is a new friend for you,

Broken heart it is time to heal,

I will watch what we do.

Pardon me #19

Pardon me may I bother you for some answers please,

Pardon me I never meant to let go of that sneeze,

Pardon me, excuse me may I get through,

Pardon me, just wondering, how are you?

Pardon me, Excuse me, what did you say?

Parden me, I really wanted to tell you to have a nice day,

Pardon me , excuse me may I please get through?

Pardon me one last time, I just want to say Thank you.

amazing #18

People take for granted that animals have no feelings,

Given they can’t talk , there is so much they are concealing,

I think of the elephant and how they truly shed true tears,

You know they feel hurt, you can tell they have fears.


Elephants are majestic, loving beings of the earth,

Truly amazing mothers, nurturing when they give birth,

Closest beings to ourselves with emotions pure and true,

They are so stunning , in everything they do.


How people see any animal just as money or a hunting game,

Makes me feel sad for people, and hang my head down in shame,

We should embrace the natural beauty, of nature so very pure,

It is amazing how true it is , how love can be a cure.

Even though you left #16

I always loved you daddy even though you left us, while I was young,

As I was growing up, I always got some what high strung,

I would blame my lovely mother, for you not being around,

For it was with her sister, where love you have found.

I could not understand why , when she looked like my sweet mom,

Did I do something, or was it because of who I came from?

My mom did love you so much, you broke her heart in two,

You tore to girls apart, when you left thinking about you.

Years have gone by now daddy, and now we don’t even talk,

I never gave up on you daddy, yet from me again you walk,

Did you ever love me, I always believed you did you know,

I thought it was your wife that hated me, that is why you had to go.

Now it has been four years since I have even heard your voice,

Some days it kills me, knowing that it truly is your choice,

Not only did you walk away from me out of anger but my children too,

You have taught me that men, are heartbreaking and what they’ll put me through.

I wish you the best daddy, but I almost lost my son a month ago,

So I am very sorry, but a relationship goal with you, I have to let go,

You have denied us for almost 5 years now, I have almost had myself hung,

I have always loved you daddy even though you left us, while I was young.