Sadly #5

Sadly I stare at the screen, knowing what I want to say,

I just am not to sure on how to let it out, or how to relay,

Sadly I must trust technology, to help me through,

I do not have any friends, to ask what the heck to do.


I want to follow prompts, or follow the official rules,

instead I am writing aimlessly, feeling like a fool,

Sadly I am here , doubting my every move,

Scared to reach out, scared that someone might be rude.


I will just do my best, not really knowing what to do,

having fun still, wishing the best for each of you,

I could not wait to try this marathon, wanted it so badly,

Thought I would understand it better, but I do not sadly.

Trust poem #4

Trust , easier said than done,

Games , easier played than won,

Love, can make the smart , dumb,

Lust,  have made love feel numb.


Trust, can get you hurt or killed,

Games, will hurt you or give you thrills,

Love, can make you have the greatest high,

Lust, will make you feel as though you can fly.


All these feelings will bring you up and down,

You can get hurt or mess others around,

It is like a game of cat and mouse,

Just two people playing a game of house.

How did I get here – Poem 3

The sun rises , yet the day has no light for me,

I can hear the sound of life , yet I can not see,

Blindness is foreign to me, I crave the light,

I want to know when the darkness will bring the night.


How did I get here , why are my hands tide?

I want to scream, but there is no noise, I tried,

Last thing I remember is being out having fun,

This has to be a dream, or something ,I want to run.


Some one must have pulled a blind fold off while I was asleep,

I am locked in my room, at my desk ,feeling cheap,

The darkness is settling in, in more ways than one,

Looks like the life of the old me died, now I must start a new one.

All kinds of love # 2

When we think of love we think of our partners, don’t we?

It is funny cause I know they are not the first person to love me,

My mother was the first person to love me and care,

To fight for me , cry for me and to always be there.


I have had a love with alcohol that led me down a dark path,

Thought I would be dead, or end up living out of trash,

I couldn’t face anyone that wanted to love me back,

To many bad things happened, had to get back on track.


I love my dogs they are my bestest friends, whom always make me safe,

Every time I cry, they will kiss me, until Iaughing and feeling great,

They are funny and silly and always by my side,

From them I could never hide.


When I got pregnant I knew what blind love then,

I knew no matter what, it was unconditional no matter how or when,

All my 3 babies, saved me and made me a better me,

I would do anything for them, true love here you see.


Now to my LOVE, yes I have dated some before,

nothing compared to him, I love him and so much more,

I trust him, want to marry him, want to prove my love is true,

Want him to know there is so much more, than saying I love you.

Time – first poem

every single day we chase it , then the day passes,

going to our jobs, taking some extra classes,

making promises to our loves ones, we will see you soon,

sounds so very easy, it may be easier to go to the moon.


every day begins with goals and promises of a new start for the day,

some things are easier said than done, with the things we say,

we must try to keep things simple, for things that begin will end,

love and happiness is most important, when time runs out my friend.


time will not stop for anyone, nor will it slow down for any,

it will keep us running, and run out to fast for many,

so use your time wisely , be kind and loving to everyone,

live to be stress free, and before time runs out, have fun.