It’ll Be Okay

Darkness is safe when the light goes dull

Darkness is a comfort when the noise pounds against your skull

Darkness is an abyss, a void for ever falling through

Darkness is where, to most, hope no longer grew

But darkness embraces you with cold arms

Darkness is aware of the triggering alarms

It’s silent, it listens, it lets you fall

Until you’re ready to land into light and stand tall

Perhaps beyond the abyss there lies a light

There is no tunnel but hope is in sight

Perhaps we’re facing up, we can’t see what awaits us after the tumble

There is a light that will have us crumble

But we’ll stand back up, new found hope

And we’ll navigate through that messy slope

And darkness will be there, ready with a rope

To pull us back in case we falter and need to silently cope

But hope will be a spark, a star, or a flame within our eyes

And we’ll be ready to grab onto it after hard tries

Hope will have us soaring the skies

No giving up, we’ll keep walking yelling battle cries

Dancing trees, announcing breeze

Animals with tongue, awaiting until post freeze

Roaring commands, prophecies sung

Of Kings and Queens of young

A mane of winter and spring

A victory of great shall bring

Hide inside the wardrobe, wait the train to vanish

Sink in the water’s depths, there’s no bannish

Time stops, you can live twice

But not long lasting, just like ice

Bread and sauce, the base of hungry operations

Cheese of any flavor you like, don’t forget it before going to topping stations

Would you like pepperoni? Maybe chicken?

How about vegetables?

Or just plain old cheese, under heat will melt and thicken

You can put whatever you desire on edibles!

Barbecue sauce? Just the red sauce alone?

Olives or corn?

If you’re one to like pineapples, we’ll get some thrown

But the internet won’t leave you alone, I warn

Pizza, a simple bread with sauce and cheese

Your toppings are your choice as you please


The Dark Embrace

Darkness and a shred of light

A weighted thing lays atop me

My words the only thing in sight

And the whirling wind blowing at three

Trapped in a corner, I can move freely

The shred of light I can blow out

There’s nothing to scare me really

I’ll wake up to light eventually no doubt





(I forgot to publish this poem for Hour 19, it was still in my notebook 😂)

Ghost of Past

Running with panted breathe

Umwilling to look back

Trying to escape, refuse to let this be my death

For enough of the nightmares that try to attack

I’ll run, I’ll leave

I’ll flee, I’ll grieve

For the past now set in stone

There’s nothing I can do to those evil and cunning

It’s done, I can’t rewind, there’s no safe time zone

So I’ll turn away, never look bac, and keep running


Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day

A simple time, you eat what you want as you greet morning ray

A sandwich I crave, a sandwich I love

One that I eat almost every sun come above

Cheese and vegetables of my favorite kinds

Walnuts and hot sauce so hot, it makes my parents lose their minds

It’s questioned, a lot, why I eat this sandwich every morning

Just don’t ask again or someone will be in mourning


I’ve always found it haunting when the old tales spoke of death

Maybe ones more obvious like Macbeth

Always a glass of wine ready to be served

Makes you wonder if the dead got what they deserved

But lift the glass and take the sip

Of the blood spilled that fight once dripped

Shapes and Colors

The glimpse of you brings a smile to my face

My hand waves like it was a wagging tail

My smile grows as you stop beside me in place

My cheeks hurt and my fists turn pale

But I’m bursting with happiness because you’re here

My heart is full of dancing colors in cheer


You! You beautiful soul!

Look yourself in the mirror and tell yourself you’re wonderful!

Lift your mood, take a stroll!

The world holds so much that’s colorful!

Wait, no, don’t rhyme

This is a motivational speech, not a poem of marathon time


Take control of your life and

Let positive thoughts fill your mind!

…and..don’t change who you are when you’re told to

Because that is not something you should do

Stick to being you


I thought we’d be the librarian we wanted

I thought we’d be the lawyer inspired to be

I thought my present wouldn’t leave us haunted

I thought that there will be a future willingly to see

I look at future me and wonder

Because even she doesn’t know what her mask is hiding from under

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