The Mushroom Suit

The Mushroom Suit


Now I lay me down to rest

This mushroom suit will look the best


They put me only three feet down

To leave me here then went to town


I had to die I was quite old

There’s no regrets I was quite bold


My life was large I got around

My stories will indeed be bound


These mushrooms chew and eat bad stuff

Our toxic world has made things rough


I didn’t want to leave a mess

To take up room in a big old dress


So here I lay and start to blend

Into the earth I’ll never end


My word to you you’re gonna go

So plant no junk just loving glow


TobeTT  # 8

Grandma’s Trees

Grandma’s Trees


Two pears for the sisters

A crab for the boy

Three purples for the triplets

And a maple for Leroy


The pear trees flowered early

The crab tree not so much

All purples were together

But the maple had the touch


The crab tree was in trouble

Pears’ blooms were first rate

The purples lasted longest

Leroy’s maple looked just great


August leaves peaked true green

All but crab enjoyed the look

Leroy’s maple hinted orange

The first season in the book


Grandma ever hopeful

She would wait another year

And give the crab a special brew

And pray the leaves appear


Over years the trees grew taller

When the cousins gathered here

To sit beneath the crab’s deep shade

And feel their Grandma near


TobeTT  #7

Shotgun Riders

Shotgun Riders


The rusty old pick-up

Holding up ladders

Is parked behind the barn

Worn tool belt on the floor

Buckets with brushes rest

On paint splattered seats


After he died they came

To my kitchen table

Each remembering their

Time as his shotgun rider

To unload, to work, to pack-up

Always talking about the game


Autumn setting up at deer camp

Chores completed with precision

They sat at his table to share

Beer, smoke, tell tall tales

Of youth, women, near-misses

Laughter connecting them


Decades passed while

He and the old truck kept on

Shotgun riders came and went

Now belonging to myths retold

At my kitchen table they sit

Next to his chair and weep


TobeTT # 6

Cookie Moon

Cookie Moon


Cookie moon a golden sliver

Dark chocolate eclipse

Smells like Grandma’s kitchen

Loaded with comfort

First bite chewed quickly

Lingers between teeth

Bite the dark side of the moon

Save the bright side

For twinkling chilled milk


TobeTT  #5

Front Door Nester

Front Door Nester


It sat upon the front door light well made

Needing to move the roost before the eggs arrived


The human carried the empty nest to the barn

Settling it down on a rough hewn beam


Instructing the mother-to-be kindly yet firmly

To find a more convenient place for the children


Overnight the nester built a new grand liar

Straw and mud anchored to the same black lamp


Resigned she was allowed to stay as the human

Studied robin gestation and maiden flight


The doorway remained dark four weeks

Using the old porch door an inconvenience


Respectfully observed the babies arrived

Fed by a proper mother working full time


Feathers filled in on popping heads

Exposed wide mouths lusted for food


It would be a Friday the human surprised

Grieved the empty nest


TobeTT  #4

Almost Clean

Almost Clean


The old farmhouse windows painted shut

Wavy glass with four panes held together

By hardwood strips shedding white flakes


Air inside in measured climate

No breezes visit bringing a clean draft

Bugs enter through unnoticed cracks


It is the floor dust she ponders when

Making the queen bed each day

New showings of endless shades of gray


Occasionally vacuumed and always

Reached for to drop in the waste

Fuzzy clumps swept with a toe to grab


Where does this come from she demands

Out loud to no one but the house

Sealed windows are not talking


Not willing to ask friends generously

Blessed with cleaning ladies who

Work only with understandable motes


That she be judged for her corners

Queries to the old walls reflect not a

Concern for tidiness nor hygiene


It is her curious mind needing to solve

This mystery of immigrant fragments

If only to keep the house almost clean


Tobe TT  # 3

Spider Widow

Spider Widow


How often I told you things

All the time a running conversation

Out loud even when apart

We talked for twenty years, always


When the dog died we mourned

For she was our stream of consciousness

Wondering what she was doing and

Thinking of us, our dear mother


Then you died months later

Leaving me without a living creature

To volley my thoughts and observations

Creating a sudden halt to my being


There was no one to care the blue house

Had been painted green or sold or still there

That the neighbor’s cat visited our yard

While the crows watched from the maple


I have taken to sharing with window spiders

Who care little of my opinions

But keep their distance while I explain

The Universe as I see it


Tolerating my tearful moments

We have established a useful truce and

I must admit I appreciate the company

Their wisdom to allow me the stage


TobeTT  #2

Glassy-Winged Sharpshooter

Glassy-Winged Sharpshooter


Magical dragon easing translucent wings

On warm summer breezes

Allowing flora to breath while

Puffs of seeds whisper


But alas the winged sharpshooter

Holds little beauty bestowed

With dark beetle body

Suggesting an awkward dance


Without reverence for gardens

This leafhopper offers sticky goo

Painted on sweet red grapes

To ruin the Green Man’s wine


Tobe TT   #1

All Poets Eve

Wishing all an inspired Summer Solstice.  I look forward to sharing this experience and creative space with all of you.


Tobe in Vermont

a dozen will have to do

a dozen will have to do

I will cross the finish line

far behind all you folks

I was needed as Grandma

A most precious dear post


Twelve poems on the books

Though a true dozen short

Too late for the deadline

I am sad to report


Bravo to the poets

Who finished this task

Understand that I tried

Is all that I ask


Though my notebook’s half empty

No certificate here

Know the writing was healing

And I’lll see you next year







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