Hour 4

** She’s so clear **

The gently piano keys play.
The green fern leaves compliment the glossy blue piano.
The wind blows making the leaves dance.

Teenagers dance to the beat of the music.
The parents with mason jars of alcohol.
Camouflage shirts and cowboy boots.
She is standing in the background.
Hanging withe her friends talking and laughter going on nonstop.

He sees nothing but her in his eyes.
Even with a crowd of people on his left to his right.
Everything is blurry but she is so clear.

The only light is that one dim lantern
That brings out her bright blue eyes.
The view of her is more beautiful than the beach scene in the background.

~April Sue Kraniak~

Hour 3

The page opens to snow on a field: boot holed month, black hour/ the bottle in your coat half vodka half winter light./ To what and to whom does one say yes?

My next line:

Slowly one reaches in the coat pocket to take a longing sip of the vodka.

Hour 2

**Broken and Sacred**

She’s on her bed listening to music.
No one knows why but she is.

Broken and scared.
She saw a glimmer from your closest.
She opened the door.
There’s a little girl holding out her hand.
“Grab my hand I can take you where you belong.”
“What?” She said confused.
“I know you’re alone, confused, and depressed I can take you where you belong, but you have to take my hand.”
She takes the little girls hand.

Broken and scared.
Her head phones left on the bed.
With her soaked pillow.
Her mom comes in.
Sees that her daughter isn’t in the room.
She checks the house isn’t anywhere to be seen.

Broken and scared.
She’s following this little girl.
In this deep darkening place.

Broken and scared.
The two girls were never seen again.
Ever again.

~April Sue Kraniak~

Hour 1


Bright mornings.

Dreary nights.

People are sleeping.

While I’m awake on this longing night.

~April Sue Kraniak~

I’m so stoaked about this marathon.

Who else is happy about this marathon? I know I am.(:

I’ve been writing for a year now and its my life. I hope to read great poems, just kidding I know I will be!!!(:

You’re beautiful <3