Terror in America – 9/11

Terror in America – 9/11

Time exploded, yet again

In the face of hapless humankind

Desecrating the edifice of democracy

Another country, another place

They cry “blood – another world!”

Is it love, a bomb, a knife…

Is this war?

The spirit of Nostradamus runs amok

To capture the brave hearts

Issuing Fatwas against themselves

They come, they’re here

“Jihad” – they cry

Is it love, a hijack, four airplanes…

Is this war?

Days of mourning, and sleepless nights

Terrorized nations, terrorized people

And stunned the world over

They advance in soundless possession

“More” – they’re insatiable

Is it love, an explosion, two buildings…

Is this war?

Dead people alive in the rubble

Kicking concrete, eating steel

And families lost forever

Hundred Thousand human frailties

“Enough” – the rogues, we warn

Is it love, a citizen, a nation…

Is this war?


Hour 5


The Empty Wall

The Empty Wall

The empty wall stands witness

A space engraved within to fit the mirror,

Of mirror, which her beauty abound

Has asked numerously …


The empty wall stands witness

Reflection died a long time ago

Of time, which the senescent wall

Has passed amorously…


The empty wall stands witness

My lady in sparkling hues

Of hues, that surrounds love

Has danced gaily…


The empty wall stands witness

Her wait is on for centuries

Of centuries, when mirrors ruled the empty walls

Curiously and curiously…

Hour 4


Eternity Now

Eternity Now

Darkness emits its own light

Pregnant in the womb of eternity

Self-luminous life now

Traverses its destiny

Consuming time itself

Resolutely … absolutely

Death is certain

For the grassroots are ripe

And smaller hopes destroy bigger hopes.

Hour 3


Final Earth

Final Earth

You said nothing, just smiled;

Half turning your head,

Yet willing to give in

To a soul exiled.

One wink gone; a life, a wait,

You stirred again, counted two;

Love rolled on, and off, and on

And slowly nibbled at my fate.

You held my hands,

Winds murmured; the green, the grey ditto:

I closed my eyes and felt

The skies, waves and sands.

You carried me away, again,

On a promissory note

Towards the final earth

Where we shed all before the dancing rain.

Hour 2


I am

I am

The waves hammer on the naked earth

Among innumerable froth

To a loudness, nearly full;

The wind blows away the falsity

That I’d gathered deep in my heart

The insatiable sea, fire inside, dances in silence

To match the throbbing earth into a lull –

And takes me into its heart

To show many treasured things,

And among them was my name.

Hour 1


Hello Friends

Hello All

I am Viswo Varenya Samal from India. My hobbies include travelling, reading and writing. My writing interests have now landed me on the poetry marathon and I am looking forward to it.

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