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This is my second time at the poetry marathon and I take the opportunity to wish all marathoners all the very best

Through the Window

Through the Window

Through the window the world is seen

The horizon sparse orange

Is dispersed at the mountainous bends,

The returning birds making up the skyline

And monsoon clouds covering the length

Ready to burst upon the yielding earth;

The acacia leaves shaking in response

To the competing winds.


Hour 24


Final Trip To Allahabad

Final Trip to Allahabad

That was our final trip together;

The Maha Kumbh Mela in Allahabad

Where you asked me to donate clothes to a Sanyasin,

I did, but the loin cloth that I wore:

You smiled, assuring me

And the Sanyasin vanished in the crowd.

Half of your soul vanished too…

People praised me,

To bring mother to pilgrimage is

Washing away your sins, they said.

You smiled, assuring me again…

Time has flown mother

I still miss your assuring smile

And your soul that vanished in the Kumbh.


Hour 23


Unblemished Face

Unblemished Face

Hidden emotions deep behind

Otherwise unblemished face

Small eyes looking for light from some dark corner

Lips mistimed a quiver

Patience shifting to the slender limbs

Sauntering towards an end.


Hour 22


I Once Killed A Monster

I Once Killed a Monster

I once killed a monster

With one straw and a half

It had more magic in it

Than you saw in Harry Porter.

The monster laughed aloud

And shook the very mountain

He took it inside his mouth

And lay on the ground.

I went near his giant nose

And blew it with my straw

He sneezed his life out

And pulled out a rose.


Hour 21


Two Razing Bulls

Two Razing Bulls

In a crowded market place

Two razing bulls stood facing each other

Snorting with passion,

Tension building up for the busy migrant onlookers

Caught in the snarl;

Mouths wide open, they waited…

A young lad of seventeen

Endowed with strength as nature would have it,

Set about to beat the dust,

Opened the tap of a nearby water tanker

And sprayed at the beasts;

Oh! Swooned a couple of ladies…

Their husbands cheered the lad,

The water calmed the beasts

Though we cannot say for sure

For they started to disperse among the crowd

Only to resume their rivalry

At some other place, at some other time.


Hour 20


From Another Earth

From Another Earth

A handful of eternity thrown into the eyes

Sublimely closed for the journey

Back to earth one,

Fighting the sinusoidal waves

Of matters criss-crossing many earths.


Hour 19




That porcelain cylinder waiting

To be encircled by your glorious fingers

That slow rumble of hot pouring

Over the evergreen shrub

That escaping smile

While raising the cup to the lips

With your delicate hands

The aroma taking to another world

To be lost in the ethereal vicissitudes

And all those moments found between

The cup and the lips.


Hour 18


Lost Kite

Lost Kite

How often have I cried

To hold that orange and green colored kite

In my tiny hands

And let it shore higher up in the air

Gently gliding, furiously spinning

Zig-zag, zig-zag, further away from me

Becoming smaller and smaller

Till the thread could hold no more.


Hour 17


Dedalus’ Flight

Dedalus’ Flight

It is not worth staying back

For my church, my family and my country

Or the moocow coming down the road

To meet me …

The artist in me craves for freedom

What if there are stubbles of beards on my face

I no longer wet the bed.

After the horizons set

The pastels will rise with me

To overwhelm the dead sun

Going round and round my life

Past and present.


Hour 16


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