14. The Messenger XIV

8 Centers on 4 continents

And counting

Our brand is leading in its field

Really? Who cares?

How many lives changed?

That’s the real measure of Success

When we fly high

We can fall from high

No, it’s not the height that matters

It is

How to pilot, how to fly,

It becomes natural, and like the condor,

We glide and we can, then,

Raise very very high

Smoke on the Water

All my love for you

Is in all the clouds

Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow

13. The Messenger XIII

I fell in, a long time ago

I’m going back now

It’s like a big swimming pool

I have only one desire: to dive in there

Everyone surrounds me

It’s hot, all this love

Let’s dance all the life

Until we fall

All together we fall in

It splashes, nobody stays dry

An ocean of love heat

So glad to fall back

12. The Messenger XII

You hold my hand

Maybe a little too long

Maybe a little too often

I know it’s me who ask you

But you know, like me – if not more

That I must leave soon for a distant travel

To meet this great Unknown

Who will tell me the secret

To find the secret without traveling

Staying on the spot, without moving

Without moaning,

To find your hand in a sigh

11. The Messenger XI

A big white tower, there is only one

And there will be no other

This is not a serious building

Actually it is, but not to take seriously

Here, most things are horizontal

Only this tower is an exception

The other buildings are all very horizontal

And without any right angles

All lines are organic

As if all these buildings popped out

Naturally from the Earth,

Growing like mushrooms

Nobody is the leader

And when one goes up to the top of the big tower,

It’s only to see things a little higher

And notice from one’s eyes, that everything is horizontal

10. The Messenger X

The last day, just before…

Before the Great Collapse

I am with you

You’re not snoring – for once

The last day, we already feel

The lack of breath in the fins

The last day we are still together

I tell you “Look at me in the eyes… deep inside”

I’m not the one you believe I am

Quite the opposite

How didn’t you guess?

After all this time

It’s too late


We’ll never be together again

9. The Messenger IX

BrandNew, brand new

Every day, I’m brand new

We are a lot like me

To be BrandNew, every day

Much more than new

Thousands, millions

Between the police and the BrandNew

Nobody knows very well

But all, they are brand new

Police are looking

Everywhere they can, they cannot find

A single old man, nowhere

They did not leave

On this day of New trouble

They cannot do anything outside

And outside cannot do anything about them

BrandNew, everything is New

All the time

Never the chance to grow old

Life renewed continuously, like the News

BrandNew, brand new

All the time

1 trillion times a second

BrandNew, brand new

8. The Messenger VIII

We were two

Already all this time

We were two

It was so natural

None of us realized it

None of us ever suspected anything

Yet we could have guessed, doubt it

Never did I feel alone

Never, you either

You told me this many times

Never alone did you feel

Still, It was a sign

When we think of all these people

Who are so alone

And who act without any common sense

Just because they feel lonely

It would be enough for them to look

Straight and in all honesty

At their situation(s) to clearly see

That they are not alone at all

We were two

Already all this time

We were two

It was so natural

7. The Messenger VII

Found a place

Found part of the funding

Found the architect

Found the geobiologist

Everything is going so ( too? )


Be careful what you ask for

They said

You might just get it

“You better be ready”

They said

For what you ask

What has been a magickal

Is how easy it has been to

Attract all the right people

Needed to achieve that project

It was as easy as a small talk here

And a small talk there

I use to hate small talk

Now I am seamlessly turning them into massive ones

Your Dream, Beyond

6. The Messenger VI

We I open the/my our first Intentional Community

In a small house with 6 people( 5 + me )

The heart, growing together, with 2 entries

That both lead to thriving: Arts and Healing…

It starts in a small house

In a small road

Where the light shines

With many laughs and smiles

It grows quickly as we all live

Around dancing together – Biodanza

And expressing ourselves

Every day, every night

We keep growing because

We are all committed and enjoying

Being naked – true

To each other

5. The Messenger V

Four years have gone

I can’t believe it

Since I started writing

About my future and

It started Manifesting

More and often bigger

Than I ever imagined

Now, I am pushing it to the next level

Writing the story of

How it all happened

And is still happening

Exactly as I wrote it and beyond

The best part is that

If I want to re-write

Any part of any story

I can update it easily