Lame Ducks

Lame Ducks
Virginia Carraway Stark

It isn’t asking very much
context is everything
and yet…
it sounds like a lot of fun to me
learning is fun and so playing
but I guess
it’s a bit of goatish thing
to be a kid
and have things as you please
loving to read
and not having things
be necessarily be
the science of ‘self discovery’
oh well,
I suppose
that’s the way
the world goes
when everyone wins a trophy
in every little thing
you’ve got to work to achieve
and not get a slam dunk
for being a lame duck
just a little bit of effort
if you please!


Virginia Carraway Stark

If there was a battle cry
And all the years were packed
Into an afternoon
Of luck and hard work
The future determined
By what that day might bring
I don’t know that
I’d be more or less capable
Than any of my peers
I can see why the stars
And omens in the sky
Would matter more than anything
If things were done in such a way
With nary a second chance
In a land where no one stands
Above the others
In any but a negatory way
How sorry it would be
To have your entire life
decided in a moment
An afternoon determining
The future path
Who you may marry
The approval of your ancestors
Where your kids would go to school
The sort of job you could acquire
All from marks with your pencil
That is the battle cry
In a land far away
So it has been for thousands of years
Likely so it will always be
Ghosts are made by failure
Despair throwing people into the arms of death
Leaving the living to deal with demons
All for the pass or fail on a test!

Those Choices

Those Choices
Virginia Carraway Stark

A thousand times I died
Promising to return
I saw no reason not
To keep away from the other side
It seemed like giving up
And I didn’t want to leave the stage

-plus there was this promise I had made-

I wasn’t afraid of leaving
But saw no need to go
So I linger on
World that there is beyond
The Universe is kind to us
It lets us fundamentally decided
We might regret
Our choices later
It might seem a disservice was committed
It does a world of wonder
To handle some starlight
and remember how
Those choices are always there
If we ever want to make them
Dying is always there
Living is always there too
The better gift of the two
The harder gift to take
We must be brave and we must
Never forget
The scintillating joy we felt
When we chose the light within
and to return that self same light
to the world we walk

White Chocolate Lover

White Chocolate Lover
Virginia Carraway Stark

Gently he melts against my tongue
Orchid taste gently darkening his ivory to cream
Vanilla the only thing marring the perfection
The purity of his taste
Into something of sensational beauty
tempting me to nibble yet again
and take him into my mouth
but only a small portion
more would be sacrilege
a little is all I need
When he makes the chemicals in my brain fire wildly
Each square of white chocolate
Taking three, even four bites
I enjoy each one in entirety
To do less, would be unkind to me and him
My white chocolate lover

The Bigs are Coming to Town

The Bigs are Coming to Town
Virginia Carraway Stark

Bigs come
When they come to town
They move the streets
They turn the dumpsters upside down
They put in DUMBS
They do as they please
They’re Bigs
And they do as they please
Rewrite scripts
Make monsters where they will
If you tell anyone you saw them
No one will believe you
Because they are the Bigs
And it’s best just to Deny
Every Little you see knows it’s best
If they see a Big
To just turn and walk the other way
If a Big asks you a question
You best tell them the truth
Then forget they asked you
Or they’ll do worse than tell on you
Here’s a secret the Bigs
Want everyone to know
And that’s that
Even when they aren’t in town
And you don’t see them
They will always see you
If you see a man or woman
With a knowing gleam
In their eye
They could look like their homeless
Or they could look like they work
For the FBI
They could look like your mom or dad
They could be anyone at all
They could look like your best friend
All grown up
They could even look like you or I
They’re the Bigs
They put in tunnels everywhere
And cameras too
You don’t have to be paranoid
Because they will know whatever they want to know
And dismiss the things that doesn’t matter to them
Or eradicate anything that gets in their way
The Bigs come to town
They’re watching at the cinema
They’re watching at the street lights too
They watch you in the elevator
They see you in every camera’s gleaming eye
The Bigs are always in town
They come by gleaming car
They come by shining jet
They come by things that hover
And we are very sure
I will swear
Do not exist yet!

Every Time

Every Time!
Virginia Carraway Stark

Every time I have begun
It’s time to begin again
Every time I think I’m done
I find I’m half undone
every time I’m half done
I become undone again!
Becoming done is half the fun
Becoming undone isn’t such a rerun
But running is a lot of fun
Especially if it’s in the trees
and not in a loop
Or backwards
Or forwards
But rather in whatever direction
I want to go
Trees whipping me in the face
And truly nothing getting done at all!
That’s the most fun at all
And then; panting for air
I haven’t earned
And falling all over myself
I know I’ve come completely undone
I laugh and fall onto the ground
For I’ve done the very thing
I was trying not to do
But in the most fun way of all
That is how it happens
That every time I have begun
I have to begin again
Every time I am undone
I happily begin again!

Rushing and I can

Rushing and I Can
Virginia Carraway Stark

Sometimes when I’m rushing
I have to wonder why
there are way more missiles
and satellites
than stars
than I can count in the sky
sometimes when I can
I wonder why
I let so many golden chances pass me by
Laughing and running
With flowers in my hair
Should I have been wiser?
Or was that part of the golden afternoon?
When I saw that I was covered in flowers
Did they evaporate into the air?
Sometimes on the pyre
I have to wonder why
the children were ever brought into things
especially myself
I have to wonder when
and who
thought they had the say
that dignity was more important
that childhood anyway

Don’t break the china on my riddle
my words are all in vain
the past has passed
the future’s come
lets enjoy it anyway!

Sunshine and Storms

Sunshine and Storms
Virginia Carraway Stark

One day you’re coming
Going is fine
Coming up the street
Sunshine on your shoulders
Clouds crossing your path
A delight in the sky
Rain pelting your your path
Refreshing and fine
Only to return
And to find
a tornado has taken
all that was yours
hailstorms have claimed
your crops and your wine
Coming and going
both were just fine
the wind was refreshing
the sunshine divine
how could you know
their was a twister behind you
taking everything you loved
leaving nothing behind
the sun still was on your shoulders
a breeze ruffled your hair
a bit of rain
devastation seemed a nightmare

I wish I knew

I wish I knew
Virginia Carraway Stark

I wish I knew
A million years ago
what I know today
with the world
spinning faster
thousands of years go by every day
how many millions of years ago was it
that I sat in the forest and listened to
the crow say hello, hello, how are you?
how many thousands of years ago was it
that I lost my mother?
my child?
my brother?
was it a hundred years ago or a thousand or more that I was hit by a car?
all time and space have lost their place
in the immensity of the global events
but I recall when the I touched the tree bark
and saw the mushrooms sprout with joy
I know that that was millions of years ago
and in a dimension far far away

Every, if I could, if only

Every, if I could, if only,
Virginia Carraway Stark

Every muscle is slow and straining
On this saturdau morn
If I could stretch just a little bit further
I could poke through my skin
bird wings would spring free
From gashed skin
and every weakness would fall beneath me
Assuming I only knew how to use them…

I would learn how to use them
Now that the moment has come