Bandage my fingers

Bandage my fingers
Virginia Carraway Stark

The road is at my feet again
I take a tentative step forward
I can’t wait to see
How each time I crest
Each new horizon
I fall in love
With every view
Again and again
And how there are the very few things
that never change
for if they did
the adventure wouldn’t be worth trip
hand in hand
ask me never
if I need your hand on mine
to make life worth living
or the spirit of adventure in my ever step

I remember the swans
floating on that stream
the one where I wore the llama shawl
and we plucked our first dreams
from weeping willows
trailing branches
broken fingers in the current of never ending delights

Examining each flower for perfection
finding it and it was more than enough
to leave it to grow and exhale

We are pioneers of love
of life
though they slapped our hands
and tried to break our fingers
Our children have become plentiful
Swimming behind us in a line of love
Don’t ever give up
I’m sometimes a bit slow
I trip on my love
as I drag my broken fingers in the stream
This is where we saw the sun rise
Land of unfettered dreams
Bandage my hands for me
make me whole again
then I’ll be what you imagined
and you’ll be all I dreamed of too
it can be like a movie
where there are clean sheets
and the movie is over
a new movie begins
it’s the land of new stories beginning
this old ones stale and done

Waiting, soon

Waiting, soon
Virginia Carraway Stark

On this summer day

the day slowly brightening
from a constenance of gloom
to one of brightness

hope that I’ve cherished
holding swaddled and tight
so that it can’t spread it’s wings
fly away
leaving me bereft

that sweet butterfly has grown
from a dream
to a hope
to a frightening reality

Not everything has to be so hard
even when it becomes clear
that a madman is writing the story of your life

Only then is it safe
to let it fly away safely
my hope born on strong wings
known that My faith is resting strong
Where once I knew only fear
And thought the story of life
Was in the epilogue or over

Now I know
I’m still drying my wings
like that butterfly
free of my chrysalis
but not airborne yet
I hear it in the air
I hear it in the sunbeam
That dries my colorful wings
I hear it in my heart
That we’ll fly away together
Our story is barely begun
I can hardly way
To turn the page
And read our next adventure
So long as we’re together

Endless Beach

Virginia Carraway Stark

If I had the dream
That we should be the only ones
Alive in a world of two
And we found away
To do away
With all those things
That we fear so well and true
I know you’d come away with me
But do you know I’d run away with you?
It seems so often that you think I’d rather not
If I had the choice
Of pristine beaches
and fishing troves
Coconuts and never-ending sun
Even if there were days when cyclones
Threatened to end our blue skies for good
I would run away with you
Just for the chance
Of endless beaches
And a world of two
Most of all I hope
That you know the contents of my heart
And in the knowing
Know that I love you

What was that dream?

What was that Dream
Virginia Carraway Stark

What was that dream
I woke up from
That left me so soft and sad?
What sorrow woke me
From what shores of golden slumber
To troubled waves of darkened distress?

How glad I am to have that sadness
Taken from me by the raging of the clock
To wake up in the blazing light
And type my heart’s love

How wonderful it is to know
That I was sleeping not so long ago
And even though I knew sadness in a dream
A dream is woken from
As ease as opening the eyes
Acknowledging a new day’s dew
Now cools the brief fever that laid on me

2019 Sexy Zebra

Sexy Zebra
Virginia Carraway Stark

Laying like a sexy zebra
I didn’t get no sleep
I was thinking heavy thoughts
About love and sex and death and life
And all those other things
That keep us zebras up at night
I wasn’t able to close my eyes
Without hearing a crashing roar
And waking up with tears on my cheeks
For all the lost and lonely times
I longed for hands around my shoulders
I was thinking in black and white
Did you know that zebras start out black?
And that they only get their white stripes
As they grow up on their way?
In the same way I was thinking dark thoughts
I was wishing for things that could never be
Fragments that make me much more complicated
Than I ever wished I had to be
All I ever wanted was to love
to be loved
I never wanted to cry in the night
But like a little zebra
Growing into my white stripes
I became a little bit less sad
Because I thought
and… I think… about the love I gave
…the love I give
…the love was always there
No matter what others think
About the zebra big or small
And if they think that zebras come conceived
In stripes from the start of them all
I know that I love
That love is all I know
That the fragments that shard and break
And hurt those barefoot who walk around
I am hidden for survival
I am in love with light
Even when I have to hide in the shadows
From the big bad predators
That still stalk and walk
To this day
Sexy zebra
Not enough sleep
But hell; I always look good enough to eat

Lady Slumber

Bleary eyed I sit a-typing
plagued as every writer before me
has been with the writing
sitting up when sleep beckons
in her ghostly form
her sweet smile curves upward
and I am reminded of the cool
relief of her embrace and how
it feels to sink into
the mistiness of her fragrant form
to refill the need
of the mind
to seek the land
where stories are born
deep in our dreams
we swim the ether and course the waves
to wake in the warm sand of morning
the sun shining in our eyes
the keyboard at hand once again
the stories
the words
pouring forth
fresh baked from that special place
I need to go
As lady sleep is calling calling
I find myself faling falling
In the morning the words will come again
The words sitting in my head
All waiting to pour themselves out
As though they write themselves
Hold me now, sweet lady
I am ready for slumber
no more will I linger in the world
of the real
sweet lady calls me
willing I go

Wine Berries

Wine Berries
Cordial crushed berries
Fresh off the vine
bright bits of summer
tang like pure wine
your leaves blow in the wind
revealing bounty under each bough
startling glimpses of red
faded to pink
through to
the future harvest that’s waiting
for its day in the sunlight
but for now their are plenty of ripe
handfuls of wine berries
my fingers stain red
thistles sting over eager
as the plants protect themselves
from the ravages of grazers like myself
gathering leaves to dry
for the panacea of summer health
they will bring to cold winter months
a praise for the berry
an early friend to humanity
and lifelong companion to one and all



The hour has come
When it is darkest
And eyelids close
and all grows weary
Each hour is exponential to the last
only two more to go
one, two, three
Three in the morning
and three poems in a row



Copy of a copy of a copy
Spinning into a lack of cogent
There is no definition
Making out the lines
Has become foggy
More of a guessing game
Than anything advertised

None of us signed on for this
And there is more every day
We need space
We need originality
Instead of tightening ligatures
Of conformity

As the boundaries get tighter and tighter
The lyrics of the songs
Blur into one long litany
Of Gimmee Gimmee Gimmmee
There isn’t enough for everyone
To have everything they want

Not when they don’t want it really
Not anyhow
Once their fingers are on it
It’s tossed to the side
The next illusion chased

All to the litany of gimmee gimmee gimmee
It never gets
It only takes
The dance of the copy machine
All running around
Trying to look, act and talk the same
shaming anyone who dares to stand

gimmee gimmee gimmee
copy copy copy
you won’t ever get what you’re wanting
Not this way
this isn’t what we’re here for
None of us really want this anyway

The dance of nihilism continues
Every single day
Killing the pain with whatever comes
Up the nose, with a pill, in a vein on a VISA card
Gimmee gimmee gimmee
The copies fade more each day

I don’t recall

I don’t recall

You don’t come to mind much anymore
I don’t recall your face
Your voice
That world has been exorcised
I am at peace with the clarity of my heart
And with how you vanished along with my own

You tried to steal everything from me
You didn’t leave me even scraps
I was never angry about that
But I was confused and hurt
Now I have found gratitude
Because I don’t have to thank you
You have nothing to do with the good places
I’ve been at

This is a farewell
And it isn’t to only one
There are many of you
Living and dead who tried to take my life
With many justifications
Gratifications of yourselves

But now
I’ve forgotten your faces
And your voices
And even the feel of your skin
I don’t remember the way you smelled
Or the exact color of your hair
Or your eyes
I am happy to let those things
Like the rest of my pain
Float away
One the river of life
Turn my face into the new dawn
And feel only love once more