Bed–Hour 24

It’s been real

It’s been nice

it’s been silly once or twice

But the place to be

In 5 or 10

will ease my head from then till zen

I welcome pillow prone again

and bid a gracious

me good night


Let’s Call It a Career–Hour 20

cats follow me

as I walk the nightshift

they know the crinkling sound

of treat packet in pocket

I indulge them

and they leave messages on my pantlegs

for Duke the whiskered king of castle home

I’m a long distance matchmaker

always said i wanted to work outdoors

be at one with animals

okay, I concede

let’s call it a career


Selfie–Hour 19

Layers intersecting

shadows at angles

I see double

with half the fun

one eye good

the other eye good

two good images

duking for dominance


unintegrated into one clear whole

Eyeglasses twice removed

one lens occluded

carefully covered with a circle of

blue painter’s tape

removing one globe from the mobile

of sight

that ghosting brother

always hovering

Camping By Another Name–Hour 18

The homeless camp along Kahului Beach Road

in the few yards between concrete road barriers

and waterline lies

contested of course by the county fathers

as a public health menace

their go-to ejection card since the hippie days

these folks don’t camp

they inhabit gutted cars

and evade and collect fat driftwood

bowling ashore

humans yearning for walls or windbreak

they live

as best they can

resourceful at a bony elbow of Maui with no remorse

outside of an unflinching economic edifice

of outpriced and non-existent housing

l like a feature new this week

the American flag tied to the top of a makeshift flagpole



as if we need to be reminded–and we do–

that this hovel is part of the United States of America

Freaky Like That–Hour 16

The bugs would appear

on the basketball court when

the night lights came on at dusk

Bats arrived next

diving after the fat bugs

We tricked the blind-as-a-bat

bats by tossing pebbles

up toward the lights

A bat would swoop

snatch the pebble

then unfulfilled

drop it

on our heads

I marveled at their mouse-like squeaks

pitching radar high into the feast

No one knew what I was talking about

I could hear the high register of bats

and was surprised to learn others couldn’t

I’m freaky like that

Yes–Hour 15

Don’t ask me to ruminate

and list the times I wish

I had said yes

The only times

it truly mattered

in the bright concourse of life

I did say yes

to my wife-to-be

now my wife-in-fact

Don’t ask me to tabulate regrets

I have none

After decades I learned

to feel love

accept love

share love

in gratitude

with the ease of saying



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