Hour 4–The Pianist

He read the quiet ether

lingering for impulse

entrancing moved the keys but

her ribs played his notes


her ribs played his notes

she invited knowing fingers

gathering a fist of music

palmed gently like a bird


clean wood shone

her ribs played his notes

whispering clanging

ringing filled the room


lifted from her cage

vibration came crashing

her ribs played his notes

her universe undone





Hour 3–High Desert Claim

If I could speak

I’d remind you that I started out fresh

shelter to youth

the boy still shiny

working fences

above the tree line

He stayed too long

thought he could keep the wind from his heart

but it tore right through

Funny thing is

those down on the flat

forgot about him

No one saw him fall

He didn’t so much die

as evaporate

care was not taken

and the calendar stopped watching

moonlight rattled the windows clean out

Wind pawed the walls

done peeled my tar

my skin ‘most gone

those UV rays

and time

have a way of

having their way with ya

and wood stays wood

for only so long

and the wind takes us all

in the end



Hour 2–Desire

She enthralls like a lighthouse

Draws me

Keeps me away

A caution for my own good

but that light

that exquisite fresnell

I am caught in its prism

I lie mute

across the expanse

I wait

prow banking in fog


I surrender

I’m a sailor

who needs more than salt

Hour One–Ready, Set

Fire applied to water

Water gurgling through coffee

Slippered feet touching earth

Now if only I can find more than

Wind between my ears


Testing, testing

Trying to remember what I might need to know about WordPress. It has been a year.

Let’s see if this works…

…and Go.


Hour 12–Invitation

Red moon rose o’er the breastbone of Fire Lake

took stock of the scene without panic

the Jeep–curious–shone underwater

she turned white

and lifted free of the treetops


to spare none her light





Hour 11–Artie

S’all I need

this tank here

hollowed out

good sleeping place

Kevin lets me use it for cheap

works good for both of us

I don’t need more

just a place to sleep

just like it was made for it

this old water heater

under the house

hell, the house is more ramshackle than my tank

far cry where I came from

done cry’n’ ’bout it

nice and dry

chickens for company

under the house

they get them bugs

sell ya my life story

ya want



Hour 10–Lilikoi

Noble globe

green shiny droopling

tending yellow

harboring succulent tangy pulp

my tongue sings thee,


Hour 9–Early Spring

I fear the thaw

since she went missing

Not that I know anything about it

But it’s been said

she was last seen on the boardwalk

Just wondering if she’ll still be wearing the ring

but surely she left town

That’s what I heard somewhere

not that I would know anything about it

she’s footloose somewhere

sister in Spokane, I think

always was a free spirit

the river might have something to say about it

I’m just guessing

Hour 8–Stardust

How to tell of that Easter weekend on the Big Island?

on the newest of islands where lava swept into the sea

to see it at night

the most stable thing you can think of


the most solid immovable permanent thing in liquid form moving past you coughing orange oceans of steam into the sea tide playing





no loss


no gain

all in movement in motion slow irrevocable how to explain

it changes you it shakes you to the core it shows you that no thing is permanent that all is in flux

it shows you what a raft it all is as this island and all others tear slowly away from the hot spot one inch a year


that no physical thing in the universe is permanent in its present form that all is transmutable that yin and yang kaleidoscope each other all is fleeting

as it should be

just different from what we were taught

illusions fall away

just as they should