Grey Matter Gluttony

Vociferously voracious,
Her brain hunts prey.

Cerebral cortex,
crouched at the ready,
a predator of thought.

Big game hunter,
it searches
for sustenance.

Ever questing
the answers to questions,
to satisfy the emptiness.

Addicted to the carbs
of intellect,
Satisfying, but somehow short.

Give me more.
The whys, the wherefores,
The whats and whens.

Fill me with wonder,
Wheels turning feverishly,
To still the pangs of perception.

Never full,
Restlessly ruminating…
The carnivore of ideas.

Hoping against hope,
It’s food source,
Never goes the way of the DODO.

Extinct. No More.
Bereft of the Benefit,
To die of starvation.

With no food for thought.

( Whew , made it.. though I can’t say honestly that most were my best work, and I included a couple I did earlier so they were part of the group…Good Luck to those doing the whole 24 hrs..12 was hard and exhausting for this opportunity to challenge myself )


Conversation with a Child

No matter what they say,
No matter what they do,
Always keep in mind,
They’ll never define you.

Words can often hurt,
As can actions too,
People can be mean,
Throwing all this dirt.

Keep your head held high,
Don’t be mean in turn,
Always take the high road,
A lesson to be learned.

And most of all,
My dear sweet one,
As you go through life..

The ones who know,
And love you most,
Will help you with this strife.

True Advice

Give a reason,
Regardless of season.

Give a quote,
Not something rote.

Tell it true,
What one should do.

Keep it real,
Just how you feel.

A friend in need,
Will thank you, Indeed!


Fairies trip across her dreams,
Wizards cast spells,
Magical creatures cavort,
Good always wins,
And love never ends.

When a child,
She believed, really..
Even when it wasn’t logical,
She just knew.

And then she woke up.


Black cat, haughty, proud.
Staring through me, seems to know.
Tell me who you are?

Dear Cousin:

When we were young,
we were so close.
Societal conventions,
keeping us… from
crossing that line.

I always felt
safe around you.
The big brother,
I never had
Protecting me from harm.

Now; your quirks,
Having become a fanaticism,
I do not understand.
You follow me online,
Attacking my character.

I try to ignore.
Sometimes I succeed.
Sometimes I don’t.
My heart hurt,
I can’t help but wonder:

What happened to my hero?



Topic, topic, find a topic
Can I be, this myopic?

Lots of choices.
Many voices.

Brain is racing.
Stay with pacing.

Keep it going.
Words just flowing.

Halfway there.
Do not despair.



I feel like an idiot, but, I can’t figure out how to single space on the posts? see no icon for it?

Almost Death

There once was a girl named Angelle

She lived in her own private Hell.

She twisted and turned

And often got burned,

Trapped in her own little cell.

Brain Games

These games,

They strain my brain.

Deciphering same

Will drive me insane.

Who shall I blame

For all this pain?


Or should I refrain

From naming a name?

It’s too much strain,

To play that game.