2020 Introduction – H.J / #authorHJ

Hi, all!

Happy to be here – with much thanks to Caitlin & Jacob for everything. I wish everyone the best, throughout this process 🥳💖🕯

This is my second running. I hope to be completing another Half, this year. This piece is my personal favourite, from last season.

A little about me: My roots begin in Poetry, but I am an author of multiple genres at this point. I’ve been professionally published since 2014. “H.J” is a pseudonym based on my first & middle name initials.
My books and published works are known to blend fiction with mental health and social justice topics.

I am from Canada; most recently am an Honours Grad of College-level Social Sciences and hopes to further my studies in Australia, post-COVID.

I have an insatiable love for coffee (iced vanilla, anyone?) and would not be able to go on without it – Remember to stay fuelled, nourished and hydrated through this process.

Thanks again and I do look forward to connecting with you all.
Happy writing! Cheers!

H.J / 2020 ©️♿️

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