I can’t stay here
I want to-
I want to see where life
takes you
But I can’t

Sounds so final
but you’ve made up
your mind
I can’t change it
But you can
Please, there’s still time

It’s not my choice this time
There’s no other way
It’s a fact of life
I don’t get a vote

And I vote you stay
I demand you stay
You’re going to be ok

Save your breath
I’ll get you anything you need
Just be patient ok?

I’m calling you
answer me,
you there?

I’m here
I was just resting
I’m pretty tired today
Where were we?

I was scared a bit
You didn’t answer me
That bothers me.

I know it does
I can’t help it
You’re strong
You’ll be ok,

No, I’m not
Don’t say that-
Anything else is ok

I’m dying
and you need
to understand
what that means

I know what it means!
I’m not dumb ya know.

Eh, Mozzerella.

I don’t want you to go
I want you to stay here
Here, please stay

I’m sorry for snapping at you
I just hurt so much right

It’s ok-
I understand
you’re tired Why don’t I let
you rest.
Love you

How could it still hurt
almost 3 years later
this bad?
Guess I’m not as over it
as I thought

I told people that I didn’t
understand and honestly
I guess I just didn’t want
to accept it

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