#10: Space

#10: Space

I wonder how much room there is in space.

I wonder if the vastness ever feels lonely.

I wonder if the airless vacuum ever feels crushing.

I wonder how long it would take to close the gap. How long it would take to explore it’s entirety.

I wonder what you would think of all this.

I wonder if you’re just another star in the sky made up of all the energy and dust of your former life here on earth.

I wonder if you’ve been reborn into another life.

I wonder what being a soul without a body would be like.

I wonder if at that point we could fly.

I wonder if human life is doomed on earth. Will our future generations live elsewhere in our galaxy. Are we already.

I wonder if some of my thoughts are crazy.

I wonder if you’re able to feel my presence when we’re sitting in the same room, not speaking, not touching, but in the presence of one another.

I wonder what our future looks like. Are we going to grow old together.

I wonder why we feel time so linear if it really is multidimensional. Curious.

I wonder how our species got to be so curious when it’s been taught that it’s so dangerous.

I wonder what you’re looking at while I’m typing these words.

I wonder what others will think when they read these words. Will they read these words.

I wonder if my train of thought really is a train and if so what are the stops names and how often is the train scheduled to pass by that spot. Boy, that opens a can of worms: is free thought really a thing.

I wonder how many of my wonders will ever be answered.

I wonder if that’s something that happens in death like 50 questions – all your questions are answered.

I wonder if you only get 50 or if it’s unlimited.

I wonder, I wonder.

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