Hour 3 — Will I Love You Forever?

Beth A. Fleisher

Hour 3


Prompt 3:  There are three stanzas. Each stanza is followed by a refrain (so the same statement is repeated three times).The first stanza is 6 lines long and presents a problem. The second stanza is eight lines long, and can explore or expand the problem. The third stanza is 6 lines long, and can either present a solution or document a failed attempt to resolve the issue.


Will I love You Forever?


You were so unexpected.

How could I possibly be prepared to find my soul mate

in such a crazy place, in such a crazy way?

Instant attraction, and so much more,

As you shared your story, we cried together.

But I saw the family photo on your desk.


Will I love you forever?


Connection overload

spiritually, emotionally, attractionally

white hot passion.

But you were not free, not for me.

I wept all the way back to campus,

Yelling at God:

How could you do this? Why?

Show him to me, but dangling him out of reach?


Will I love you forever?


Life moved on, we became friends, always careful friends.

Then, wonder of wonders, nine years later

you reached out to me — you had felt it too!

How amazing when I saw the love in your eyes

the first kiss, spirits dancing to Creator’s music,

hearts connected just holding hands at Panera.


Will I love you forever?



2 thoughts on “Hour 3 — Will I Love You Forever?

  1. Overall, very well written.
    Personally, the refrain has me wishing you would not love this person forever especially considering his “situation” previously. But many a time, we’re given lemons instead of oranges and the best thing to do is make the best of what’s before us. Aka, sometimes it sucks. Lmao.

    The refrain gives hope that your heart is trying to tell you something and is patiently waiting to see if you will listen. It will give you the cues and impulses but only you can choose to act on them or not.

    Beautiful poem Beth.

    1. Thank for the insightful comments, Ivan. Believe me, sometimes I have wished the same thing. 🙂 It is so true that many times we’re given lemons instead of oranges! I love that phrase, it makes me smile. I have a friend who says when life gives you lemons…make lemonade! You’re right, we do need to make the best of what’s before us…and, yes, sometimes it sucks! Lol. I love what you’ve said about my heart trying to tell me something…I am doing my best to listen.
      Thank you…high praise.

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