He likes to watch.

(he told me)

Shine on him distracts me.

Still, I am, In Charge.


Smooth skin.


Tongues kissing tongues

And hands on flesh…

Beneath me,

Cunning lips purr…


(I like to watch, he told me)

His mind’s eye to mine.


Breath escapes me

As I find my self

Through his eyes.

Inside him, I wander…

I show him what he cannot see.

I paint for him softness of three…


(I like to watch, he told me)

Sweet rhythm I desire.


Her back arches beside his cheek

I make her feel him swell…

Two hands on her, then four, then more~

His brain begins to burn.

Sweet pink unfolds before him.

I teach him to taste color…


I like to watch, he told me.

(I think I am on Fire)

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