HOUR 19 The Vicious Voila’

The Vicious Voila’



Amidst hazel light of candle luminosity,

Amongst the array of sordid creations,

Mercy entreated, but shall not be shown,

Her own predispositions seldom cloned.


She requests a respite from the hand that feeds,

Always pleading the case of subservience,

But my own internal undertaking soon to fulfillment,

All I can do is endure her savory and inflictive tones.


My own metamorphosis soon upon us,

Valkyrie’s descent into madness vital to my cause,

The corruption of her body and mind,

A lasting gift in purification’s form.


Slowly I cater to her physical needs,

Dwindling ever more at the flick of my whim,

Cautious in the shattering the psyche,

All aiding my revelatory becoming.


Though wheelchair bound and I.V. drip aided,

My dark being nurtures her transition,

Loving and solemn, I don’t say a word,

Deprivation of conversation a useful device.


Great timing upon us as I finally speak,

‘My sweet dark angel in depths of sinister desire,

I removed your imperfections, unsightly, not needed.

I commenced with your febrile leg, Voila’’.


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