Run (Hour Four)

Chasing me
Its claws extending
I look back and shudder
Its flesh is shedding
I must get away
This creature
This place
I look back again
All I see is her
Reaching out for me
I stop
What is this place?
There’s a scream
I stare at her
She whispers ‘run’
But I’m stuck in place
There’s another scream
My skin crawls
I stare at my hands
Something moves under my skin
She screams ‘run!’
I turn and sprint away
I run and run
But I know I can’t escape
I feel I can’t escape
I abruptly stop
I see my reflection
I look up and I’m there again
I see the creature
Its claws extending
Yet no longer chasing me
Its flesh is shedding
I shudder
I close my eyes and open them
The creature I’m running from is me

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