dovile (i)

some alchemy, in the silhouette and daguerreotype; caressed by caliginous contours of plumes, all negativity turns to light!

Anthology At Break Time

I’m on my way out the door Sailing on a paper cloud Of Greek mythology sprinkled With the fighters of Jim Crow laws I keep trying to hold on to the desk But Dixie Peach,Rome and Italy keep giving me a secret glimpse Of all…

entries out of order

Sorry for that. I had some trouble getting post to show up. Finally got things figured out. Hopefully it will be in order from here on.

Drama Queen

You’re too nervous and edgy I want to scream every time You call my name Your hide and seek Eavesdropping Tip toe to catch someone Paranoia Is out of control My gut is in knots Doing jumping jacks As my eyes cut short Your useless…


I love it when The sounds make me Want to sing To dance like my very Life is at stake When the rhythm kisses my soul And my temperature rises In succession with the Instrumental ecstasy That is life


I’m going to be going away on the morning of the day of this challenge thing. I will probably miss at least one hour, maybe two. But I’ll try my best, And that’s really all any of us can do.

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